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Albania News

NYT > Albania

NYT > Albania

News about Albania, including commentary and archival articles published in The New York Times.

09/28/2014 08:00 AM
Hunting for the Source of the World’s Most Beguiling Folk Music
A moving song by a Greek violinist led the writer to a hillside village across the ocean.
09/12/2014 08:00 AM
Mutual Split for Portugal and Coach
Portugal Coach Paulo Bento has left the team because of poor results, including a 1-0 home loss to Albania on Sunday.
09/08/2014 07:20 PM
This Is Life Among the Roma, Europe’s Forgotten People
A short documentary sheds light on the desperate living conditions of Albania’s Roma — one of the most disenfranchised communities in Europe.
08/07/2014 09:02 PM
1939: Albanian Royals at Versailles
Highlights from the International Herald Tribune archives: The Albanian royal family in exile took up residence in Versailles in 1939.
08/07/2014 01:00 PM
No Longer an Invisible Photographer
Among the images in Vanessa Winship’s first retrospective are portraits taken with a view camera, which led her to slow down and engage her subjects rather than be fleetingly invisible.
06/19/2014 01:24 AM
Pictures of the Day: Iraq and Elsewhere
Photos from Iraq, Albania, Kenya and England.
06/17/2014 08:00 AM
Albania: Drug Raid Rattles Village
Hundreds of police officers, backed by armored vehicles, stormed a lawless southern village on Monday after people suspected of growing marijuana fired rocket-propelled grenades, mortars and machine guns at officers during a drug raid
04/04/2014 04:22 PM
In Our Pages: April 5
Highlights from the International Herald Tribune archives: A German aviator faces adverse weather conditions in 1914; Italy sends troops to Albania in 1939.
11/29/2013 12:30 PM
A Friendship Is Rekindled With Albania
China’s cultural exchange program, the Confucius Institute, opens its first branch in the Mediterranean country, an old Communist ally from the 1960s and ’70s.
11/19/2013 08:00 AM
Casting Light on Little-Known Story of Albania Rescuing Jews From Nazis
A national creed called besa obligates Albanians to provide shelter and safe passage for anyone seeking protection.

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You are here: Index location World Events location Albania News

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