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Atheism and VirtueScience

Welcome Atheist.

There are many in this world who call themselves Atheist-many different levels and types of Atheist. The new Science of Virtue avoids speculation on the unprovable. Its strength lies in its reliance upon the personal testing and concrete experience of the user.

Some atheists may find some of the language in Inner Medicine a bit flowery: but there is nothing outlandish about it. Terms such as "white light" should be seen from a scientific viewpoint.They are symbolic terms that are understood by your subconscious mind. "Light" for example symbolizes awareness and "White" symbolizes all inclusiveness because it contains all colours within it. Conventional psychologists agree that the subconscious mind responds to symbols.

It is logical to give up superstitions such as false religion. Are you aware that personal bias due to past experience is also a kind of superstition. By giving up all deeply held personal superstitions and semiconscious preferences you will attain to genuine virtue, true objectivity. "Inner Medicine" can show you how.

A Confession.

Inner medicine could be a lot better! It merely represents distorted fragments of the Universal Truths which mere man can never express fully with written word.

A Further Confession!

You do not need "Inner Medicine" to be a good Atheist. However if you accept this "Inner Medicine" in the spirit in which it is intended I trust that you will find it of great help and a faithful friend in your quest to become a true atheist, a human free from superstition.

You are here: Index Character Improvement Your Beliefs Atheism and VirtueScience