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How to Change the World..for the Better

by James Barton

The many problems in the world are like branches ever growing. Those who battle these branches are noble but if they miss the roots the branches will keep growing back. This is what is happening in the world today. Many great people are battling the branches of evil and the state of the world is hardly improving. In fact in some ways it seems to be worsening.

It is quite clear that we must identify, understand and deal with the actual roots of all these problems. That is an essential kind of intelligence. In my view it is an intelligence inherent to every individual however, it seems to be hidden/obscured/forgotten in most people. It is a basic consciousness, a basic sense that may be obvious to people in some limited areas but they seem unconscious of the principle as a universal truth.

The root cause of so many problems is in the character of individuals. We must study this very deeply. What are the virtues and vices? What is their origin? How do they relate to each other? How may character be uplifted? These are the questions that will strengthen our understanding of the root cause of the branches of evil and trouble on Earth.

Following the above logic I studied the subject of the virtues and made some discoveries about their nature and wrote about them along with some practical exercises in a free ebook called 'Inner Medicine'

The Plan
My plan is to send copies of my book to influential people. Please read it for yourself and if you can appreciate it's value please send some copies to people of influence. Also people who may be receptive to the message.

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