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Domain Names

Before you can get your site up properly you will need to choose a domain name for it. That is the basic web address of your site which people may type in to find your site.

Choosing a site name can be great fun but also frustrating as many of the names you may want will have already be registered by someone else. Check here or similar places to see if the domain you want is still available:

The name that you choose should ideally be easy to remember and be seo friendly. Domains with hiphens such as abc-abc are harder to spread by word of mouth due to the abiguity/confusion that may result. Domains with hiphens are also slightly harder to type and so in my opinion best avoided if possible.

There can be similar word-of-mouth confusion with numbers. For example onedomains and 1domains sound just the same when spoken. Apart from numbers there are other words that sound the same but have different spellings.

It is generally best to keep the number of characters in your domain small. Short domains are easier to type and remember. Very long domains may cause display problems on certain websites where you want a link etc. Very long domains may cause problems with some online forms.

Even if the domain that you want is available it is worth checking to see if similar domains are being used and for what purpose. Be careful about registering a domain that is the same as someone elses trademark.

It can be helpful to include a relevent keyword in your domain name. This allows people just seeing your domain name to get an idea of what your site is about. A keyword associated with the subject of your website can help it rank higher in the search engines and so you should get more visitors.
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