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Dominica News

Caribbean Newcomers Dip Their Toes in the Snow Click Here to Open in a New Window
Dominica, a small Caribbean island nation, will make its Winter Olympic debut this week, led by a former investment banker from Staten Island and his Italian-born wife.
Q&A: A Young Sailor's Guide to the Islands Click Here to Open in a New Window
IN 2003, 8-year-old Alex Ellison and his family set sail in the Caribbean on their 46-foot Beneteau 473, Promise. They had intended to take a one-year trip from Essex, Conn., through the Caribbean to South America and back, but ended up spending almost five years living in the islands, celebrating birthdays in Grenada, Christmas in the Pitons and spending three years in the rain forest of Nevis. "The world was now our classroom," Mr. Ellison wrote in his memoir, "A Star to Sail Her By" (May 2011, iUniverse).
World Briefing | Americas: Dominica: Taiwan Severs Ties Click Here to Open in a New Window
The island of Dominica switched diplomatic relations from Taiwan to China, after China offered a $112 million aid package. Taiwan quickly responded by breaking ties with the Caribbean nation.
Island Acts to Fight Money Laundering Click Here to Open in a New Window
Dominica's legislature has passed an anti-money-laundering law that permits foreign authorities to investigate offshore banks, a step the Caribbean island hopes will remove it from an international blacklist. Dominica is one of 19 countries that the Financial Action Task Force, a group based in Paris that was set up by the United states and other industrial powers, deems uncooperative in fighting money laundering.
Dominica Elections Slated Click Here to Open in a New Window
Prime Minister Eugenia Charles of Dominica, one of the chief architects of the 1983 United States-led invasion of Grenada, today called general elections for July 1 in this Caribbean nation of 80,000 people. The two leading parties have already been campaigning for several months, but legal proceedings against former Prime Minister Patrick John for attempted coups in the early 1980's has divided the opposition, which should help the Charles party.
SENTENCES PASSED IN INVASION PLOT: Click Here to Open in a New Window
A Federal marshal, left, escorts four mercenaries to court in New Orleans for sentencing in a plot to overthrow the Government of Dominica, a small Caribbean nation.
A Toronto newspaper, exploring the recent attempt by Americans to overthrow the Government of the Caribbean island of Dominica, has uncovered a tale of mercenary intrigue, alleged underworld financial backing and some unusual journalistic practices by a Toronto radio station. According to copyrighted stories in The Globe and Mail this week, the planned invasion of the tiny nation by American and Canadian mercenaries and members of the Ku Klux Klan and neo-Nazi groups was aided by $10,000 in donations from an unidentified underworld leader who wanted to use the island as a base for international fraud. The invasion threat ended April 27 when United States Federal agents, operating on tips from a charter boat owner and the Ontario provincial police, arrested two Canadians and eight Americans near New Orleans as they prepared to set sail for the Caribbean.
U.S. TEACHING DEFENSE IN THE CARIBBEAN Click Here to Open in a New Window
United States Army Special Forces teams are on this island more than three months after the American-led invasion not so much to defend Grenada as to teach others how to do it. In fact, they are quietly teaching the same course in six other Caribbean countries at the same time. The Caribbean force that came ashore here soon after the United States troops last Oct. 25 will, it is hoped, one day replace the Americans, although exactly when is not certain. The most recent reports indicate that United States troops will be here at least until the next general election, which is expected sometime this year.
F.B.I Arrests 10 for a Plot To Invade Dominica Island Click Here to Open in a New Window
Federal agents arrested 10 reputed mercenaries preparing an an armed invasion of the Caribbean island of Dominica, the Federal Bureau of Investigation said today. The agency added that the men, eight Americans and two Canadians, were about to embark on what it called a paramilitary operation aimed at overthrowing the Government of Prime Minister Eugenia Charles.
A grandiose plan to invade the small island nation of Dominica, overthrow its Government and set up profitable industries, including a cocaine-processing plant, is unfolding in Federal District Court this week as a prosecutor questions Government witnesses. The leader of the invasion plan had hoped to leave the east Caribbean island after five years with $3 million to $5 million in profits from various enterprises, according to the testimony of John L. Osburg, special agent with the Unitd States Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, who helped foil the attempted invasion. The three defendants and seven other men were arrested late in April near a 19th-century fort north of here as they prepared to embark in a chartered boat, evidently for the island, which is 2,000 miles southeast of New Orleans. They were seized with 33 firearms, dynamite, a Nazi flag, a rubber raft and a document described as a contract with the former Prime Minister of Dominica, Patrick R. John.

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You are here: Index location World Events location Dominica News

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