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Friendliness Quotes

A good motto is: Use friendliness but do not use your friends.
Frank Crane

"One thing everybody in the world wants and needs is friendliness."
William E. Holler

"Have no friends not equal to yourself."

"But if you haven't learned the meaning of friendship, you really haven't learned anything."
Mohammed Ali

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Friendliness Definition: Agreeableness is a tendency to be pleasant and accommodating.

Etymology of 'Friendliness'
Friend: Old English freond "friend," present participle of freogan "to love, to favor," from Proto-Germanic *frijojanan "to love".

Positive Suggestions:
"Awaken your natural Friendliness"
"Perfect Friendliness is within you"
"Allow yourself to feel Friendly now"
"Accept Friendliness"
"Trust in your Friendliness"
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Friendliness (Learn about Values)
by Cynthia A. KlingelSearch for Cynthia A. Klingel
$0.01 new/used

Book by Klingel, Cynthia A.
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James to the Rescue: A Book About Friendliness (Castle Tales)
by Janet Noonan, Jacquelyn Calvert, Scott Holladay
$0.01 new/used

Although the Queen seeks to give a pretty ladybug a playmate just like it, it surprises her by befriending three very different insects, bearing out God's commandment that we should all love one another.
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I.C. Blue: A children's book encouraging friendliness to others and alternatives to wearing animal fur
by Laura TepperSearch for Laura Tepper

I. C. Blue is a rhyming children's book about a peaceful winter place where all the animals play in the snow. The animal's fur keeps them warm until a furless creature named I. C. Blue comes along to take their fur. The animals come together to stop I. C. Blue and change his ways to make everyone happy.
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Want to Play?: Kids Talk About Friendliness
by Pamela Hill NettletonSearch for Pamela Hill Nettleton
$1.46 new/used

Uses an advice-column format to define friendship as a character value and demonstrates how it can be used in daily situations.
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The World of Emotions: creating a milieu of friendliness around yourself (OSHO Singles)
by Osho International Foundation OshoSearch for Osho International Foundation Osho

The World of Emotions:

A unique set of tools for everybody who is interested in improving human relations, and a great help in understanding where we are all coming from and what makes us tick. Full of simple, practical suggestions for creating a milieu of friendliness around yourself that is honest, sincere, and accepting of all our human frailties.

One of the greatest challenges we face in life is learning how to handle and transform emotions. In this small book, Osho takes the reader step by step toward a deeper understanding of the inner world of emotions - where they come from, what types of situations can trigger them, and why they so often take us by surprise.

We are taught that anger is bad, and we resolve not to be angry - but still it happens! Why is that? The first step in understanding is to identify and become aware of the conflicts between our intellectual understandings and the emotional realities that so often dominate our lives, between what we think and what we what we feel. Once the roots of this conflict are clearly seen and understood, the split can be healed. And the powerful life

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A Book of Friendliness

$22.75 new/used

Friendliness (Everyday Character Education)
by Kristin Thoennes KellerSearch for Kristin Thoennes Keller
$18.18 new/used

Introduces friendliness through examples of everyday situations such as at school, with friends, and at home, where this character trait can be used.
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Taste The Friendliness Of The Valley
by Central Susquehanna Valley Chamber of CoSearch for Central Susquehanna Valley Chamber of Co

$5.21 new/used

Friendliness (Character Education)
by Lucia RaatmaSearch for Lucia Raatma
$2.92 new/used

Describes friendliness as the virtue of being kind and helpful and suggests ways in which friendliness can be shown such as playing with others, helping other people, and greeting one another.
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Semi-active Suspension Control: Improved Vehicle Ride and Road Friendliness
by Emanuele Guglielmino, Tudor Sireteanu, Charles W. Stammers, Gheorghe Ghita, Marius Giuclea
$120.83 new/used

Semi-active Suspension Control provides an overview of vehicle ride control employing smart semi-active damping systems. These systems are able to tune the amount of damping in response to measured vehicle-ride and handling indicators.

Two physically different dampers (magnetorheological and controlled-friction) are analysed from the perspectives of mechatronics and control. Ride comfort, road holding, road damage and human-body modelling are studied.

Mathematical modelling is balanced by a large and detailed section on experimental implementation, where a variety of automotive applications are described offering a well-rounded view. The implementation of control algorithms with regard to real-life engineering constraints is emphasised.

The applications described include semi-active suspensions for a saloon car, seat suspensions for vehicles not equipped with a primary suspension, and control of heavy-vehicle dynamic-tyre loads to reduce road damage and improve handling.

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