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Innocence Quotes

"All hatred driven hence, The soul recovers radical innocence And learns at last that it is self-delighting, Self-appeasing, self-affrighting, And that its own sweet will is Heaven's will"
William Butler Yeats

“Innocence is like polished armor; it adorns and defends"
Robert South

“The innocent and the beautiful Have no enemy but time"
William Butler Yeats

“That's what it takes to be a hero, a little gem of innocence inside you that makes you want to believe that there still exists a right and wrong, that decency will somehow triumph in the end"
Lise Hand

“The silence often of pure innocence persuades when speaking fails."
William Shakespeare

“Guilt or innocence becomes irrelevant in the criminal trials as we flounder in a morass of artificial rules poorly conceived and often impossible [to apply].”
Warren E. Burger.

“To vice, innocence must always seem only a superior kind of chicanery”
Marie Louise De La Ramee

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Innocence Definition: Guileless, not guilty.

Etymology of 'Innocence'
mid-14c., "freedom from guilt," from Old French inocence "innocence, purity, chastity" (12c.), from Latin innocentia, from innocens "harmless, blameless". Meaning "lacking in guile or artifice" is from late 14c.

Positive Suggestions:
"Awaken your natural Innocence"
"Perfect Innocence is within you"
"Allow yourself to feel Innocent now"
"Accept Innocence"
"Trust in your Innocence"
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Diamond Heart, Book Four: Indestructible Innocence (Bk.4)
by A. H. AlmaasSearch for A. H. Almaas
$12.22 new/used

We live in a world of mystery, wonder, and beauty. But most of us seldom participate in this real world, being focused rather on the parts that are mostly strife, suffering, or meaninglessness. The situation is basically due to our not realizing and living our full human potential. This potential can be actualized by the realization and development of human essence. The human essence is the part of us that is innate and real, and which can participate in the real world.

The series of books Diamond Heart are transcriptions of talks given by A. H. Almaas to inner work groups in Colorado and California.
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The Invincible Heart (Part One)
by Anna AlverSearch for Anna Alver

Emily Miller?s senior year was idyllic until her boyfriend of ten years, Jamie Walker unexpectedly broke her heart. Unbeknown to Emily, her father promised a USC football athletic scholarship if Jamie did the unthinkable?walk away from a future with her. Jamie didn?t think twice and accepted the offer without regard to her feelings, love or desires.

Now Emily must find the strength to move on without him. The pathway is new, no restrictions or boundaries for the first time in her life. With her acceptance to Boston University declared, a visit to the city spurns a chance meeting with Justin Meyers who vows that night to make her his forever. They meet again as BU undergrads sharing experiences that only unconditional love can bring.

This is a journey as young love comes into its? own, until fate rears its? head crashing Emily?s past with the present. Who will be left standing? Read the story to learn the answer.

This volume contains a cliffhanger ending.

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The Invincible Heart (Part Two)
by Anna AlverSearch for Anna Alver

Emily Miller is at a loss?finding love twice but through circumstances not of her own making, both have been ripped from her fingers. Her first love disappeared as a result of deception and the second because of a bloody unforeseen accident, yet all activities lead to one man, Jamie Walker. Unsure of her next move, she waits for time to uncover her ultimate fate.

Will her current boyfriend, Justin Meyers live to fulfill his dream and make Emily his wife? Will Emily have a change of heart and forgive Jamie once she learns of the reason he abruptly left her? Are there others to blame for the direction her life has taken? What will happen to Emily, Justin and Jamie?

This is a journey of love, life and redemption. Open the pages to learn their fates.

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Disturbed Innocence: A heart wrenching look at Friends, Family, God & Self
by KazaNova KincadeSearch for KazaNova Kincade
$10.36 new/used

Disturbed Innocence is a collections of writings (poems and memos) about a young mans journey to finding himself in a world & community that over looks him. He battles with society, family and peers whille searching for acceptance of self. This book touches on sexuality, abuse, lack of self-love, worth and HIV/AIDS.
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Moments In Time: Innocence (Moments In Time Book 3)
by Adam StevensSearch for Adam Stevens

Innocence is the third in the Moments in Time series. This story is narrated by the perspective of Warren and includes his side of the story told in a quirky, sassy and snarky manner. There are three distinct parts to the book, Warren's life, sexual discovery, and coming of age adventures 'before' Georgie. Part two details Warrens perspective on how he and Georgie met, how they fell in love, and how their romance flared into the hotness that culminated in their romantic beach wedding on Kauai, how their lives evolved together and apart, all based on Warrens perspective, quite frankly some of Warrens thoughts seemingly unknown to Georgie. Experience the brutal honesty of a relationship that Georgie thought was all champagne, strawberries and chocolate. Part three examines the mystery that unravels as they separate, and will it be a happy ending, or a big mistake narrated by both men.
Georgies life has been a deep, complex and contemplative story stuck on repeat. Love, loss, self-destruction amidst a lifetime of searching and self-discovery. Will the story end tragically, or will these two come to terms with their two lives, and reunite as one soul, with one passion together finally following the path that leads them both to achieve the pursuit of their individual dreams.
Hope for happiness, but have a box of tissues on hand when you read the final chapter of the Moments in Time series. This book is action packed with drama, suspense and mystery, with a whole lot of steamy hot, sexually seductive, romantic interactions that will leave you wanting for nothing more than to write an insanely magical compelling positive review, or a cigarette, glass of wine, or a nap...
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Sweet Dreams: At the Heart of Innocence Was Evil... At the Core of Light Was Darkness...
by William W. JohnstoneSearch for William W. Johnstone
$6.72 new/used

Sweet Dreams: At the Heart of Innocence Was Evil... At the Core of Light Was Darkness... [Mass Market Paperback]
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