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Martinique News

1940: Vichy Gives Assurances to U.S. Click Here to Open in a New Window
From the International Herald Tribune archives: An early American intervention in Martinique is discounted in 1940.
Touring by Car In Martinique; Tourist Trails for the Motorist on the Isle of Martinique Click Here to Open in a New Window
AS if tumbled from a heavenly wicker basket, laundry lay strewn on the grass, rocks, bushes and on the riverbank itself. In carnival colors of orange, vermilion, purple and lavender, skirts and blouses, kerchiefs and shawls baked under Martinique's noon sun. At the edge of the swirling, pebble-clear Lorrain River, women pounded dirty clothes into submission while their children splashed and shrieked in the shade cast by a wooden, one-lane, overhead bridge.
160 Die in Crash of Airliner in Venezuela Click Here to Open in a New Window
A chartered airliner carrying vacationing French passengers home to Martinique crashed in a mountainous part of northern Venezuela early Tuesday morning after its engines failed, killing all 160 people aboard, the aviation authorities here said. The two-engine plane, a McDonnell Douglas MD-82 operated by West Caribbean Airways of Colombia, was traveling from Panama to Martinique when the pilots reported engine problems to Venezuelan air traffic controllers at 3:07 a.m. Minutes later, the controllers lost radio contact.
Can Middle-Agers Find Happiness at A Swinging Resort? Click Here to Open in a New Window
FORT-DE-FRANCE, Martinique, W.I. Can a couple clinging to their middleclass values as they dangle precariously over the generation gap make it with the bikini and go-go set and "shed the problems, formalities and stresses of daily life" as promised in the brochures of the Club Mediterranee?
Beneath the Feverish Palms, The Machismo of Matinique; The Machismo of Martinique Click Here to Open in a New Window
VAUCLIN, Martinique -- Perhaps we were not really as surprised as we pretended, but we wanted to please and impress the hotel owner, a game Americans feel bound to play when they learn they are among the first United States tourists ever to stay long in an out-of-the-way Caribbean spot.
Tropical Storm Klaus Kills 6 And Is Renamed a Hurricane Click Here to Open in a New Window
LEAD: Tropical Storm Klaus gained strength off Antigua today and was upgraded to a hurricane after leaving six people dead and two missing in flooding on Martinique.
French West Indies: Oo La La! Means The Same in Creole; The Accent Is on the French Click Here to Open in a New Window
IT is easy to see why the French West Indies seeks to sell itself with the line, "A bit of La Belie France in the Caribbean." Both of the main islands, Martinique and Guadeloupe, are full of the style and symbols of France, be they le prefer, the local army garrison, the French-style policemen, the schools and shops, or the imported French food and wine.
Martinique Holiday: A Leisurely Way to Wind Down Amid; Mountains, Sand and Sea If You Go ... Click Here to Open in a New Window
Martinique is mountains, bays and beaches, and waxy anthuriums swaying in vases on cafe tables. It is also lonely plantation houses set on commanding hills and busy bookshops in busier Fort-de-France, where the ...
Where Haute Cuisine and Creole Foods Mix Click Here to Open in a New Window
FORT DE FRANCE, Martinique -- If it weren't for the green, volcanic mountains piercing the clouds to the north and the thousands of black Frenchmen in the streets, this could be Marseilles.
No Thanks! And You Can Tell It to the Marines Click Here to Open in a New Window
The jetty that links this isolated Caribbean island to the outside world is a simple wooden structure in obvious need of repair. So when the United States offered to send a detachment of marines here to build a base for the Grenada Coast Guard and to repair the local school and clinic, residents might have been expected to welcome the proposal. Instead, the dockside site chosen for the project, which is intended to strengthen drug interdiction efforts in the Caribbean, is now festooned with graffiti demanding ''No Base.'' And when Prime Minister Keith Mitchell traveled here recently in an attempt to convince this island's 800 residents that the base, whose construction costs would be entirely covered by the United States, would enhance Grenada's national security and spur economic growth, he was greeted with boos, placards and children chanting anti-base slogans.

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Martinique at CIA FactBook Click Here to Open in a New Window

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