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USA. Born Joe Sousa in 1958 in San Jose, California. Mockie. A disciple of Gurumayi and Adyashanti, he teaches, together with Marlies Cocheret at Free Water Sangha in Santa Cruz CA.


"The mind is forever looking outward, entranced in the objects of its own making. Addicted to its search, the mind will not believe the Truth of the present moment. And so the Master sells the mind what it wants: more practices, more searching. Until finally one day, in a moment of pure exhaustion, the mind stops long enough for a direct recognition of what has always and forever been: Ever-present awareness, your own true Self."

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Law of Attraction and Religion: Discover the Hidden Secrets of The Enlightened Masters
by Lisa JulieSearch for Lisa Julie

Law of Attraction and Religion: Discover the Hidden Secrets of The Enlightened Masters

The law of attraction has been discussed a lot over the past decade, thanks in part to a viral video called ?the secret? and Oprah?s stamp of approval. Others have expressed scepticism and denounced it as new age, airy fairy self-help nonsense, for reason of pre-suppositional aversion, and incredulity. Among a general audience, there are varying opinions and feelings towards it. Among the scientific crowd, the main objection to it will be simply that it?s unempirical, or ?woo?, as has become the favourite label or dismissal among that crowd, simply because it isn?t scientific or isn?t backed by scientific evidence.
Among religious groups, there is a range of feelings towards it and no clear consensus about it.

This book has been written for exactly that reason - to clear the confusion and show you how the Law of Attraction is portrayed in the various religions.

This book will:
  • Demistify the misunderstandings that have arisen between religions and the concepts of law of attraction

  • The Law of Attraction in Buddhism and Hinduism

  • The Law of Attraction in Christianiy and Islam

  • ... and much more!

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Enlightened Living: Teachings of Tibetan Buddhist Masters
$13.70 new/used

This collection of translated writings addresses the issue of engaging in secular life with Buddhist intentions. It includes practical advice by great Tibetan teachers such as Paltrul Rinpoche and Jigme Lingpa. Combining folktales and poetry, their teachings pieces impart the essence of spirituality in a pithy, direct fashion.

"There are three things that you should place:
Your body on the seat;
Your mind in your body;
And relaxation in the mind.

There are three things that should be in conformity:
Conversations with friends;
Clothes with the country;
And mind with the Dharma."
Paltrul Rinpoche

Tulku Thondup is a living advocate of the Tibetan tradition, He has translated and published many books and has taught at Harvard University. He is hte author of the Healing Power of Mind.

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Encounter the Enlightened: Conversations with the Master
by Sadhguru Jaggi VasudevSearch for Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev
$3.90 new/used

Encounter the Enlightened is a guiding beacon of divine wisdom and inspiration for all persons seeking self-realization and an experience of the unbounded nature of life. Master, mystic and yogi Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev presents a rare glimpse of undiluted truth from discourses given to yoga disciples and other audiences at his ashram in south India and around the world. A tool of tremendous value in an age imprisoned by materialism and dogma, these dialogues are an essential key to inner exploration of the profound questions of humanity: Who am I? Why are we here? What happens after death? What is the meaning of life? The master speaks with undeniable logic and wisdom that penetrates the deepest realms of our heart and soul.

Encounter the Enlightened examines some of the most controversial social and spiritual issues of our time through the lens, wisdom and words of an enlightened being whose teachings are simple and pristine. Sadhguru's compelling and often-provocative responses lead readers to an understanding of the ego that keeps us in bondage, the fragmentary nature of the mind and the crippling conditioning of society. Sadhguru presents a possibility to transcend the limitations of the three-dimensional world and awaken the absolute - the ultimate fulfillment. In the words of Sadhguru, the fruit of such an awakening is that "you can go through life untouched, you can play with life whichever way you want and still life cannot do anything to you; life does not leave scars on you. That is the miracle that we are working to manifest in everybody's life."

The book is a rare gem for all who seek truth beyond solace and who are willing to abandon sensibilities for the sacred. It is a glimpse of the divine potential that we are.
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On the Edge: Living with an Enlightened Master
by Yoga PunyaSearch for Yoga Punya

On the Edge is the absorbing story of a young woman who, driven to explore the classic question "Who Am I?", fortuitously finds herself in India, as one of the first westerners at the feet of Osho, an enlightened mystic. His magical presence, his delightful and humourous personality, encourage her to dive into the secrets and wonders of meditation. Her vividly-described vignettes let the reader feel as if inside the commune walls, living out -- alongside fellow travelers from 100 countries -- the twists and turns, breakthroughs and setbacks of this unique mystery school. The heroine goes back and forth from west to east as she makes money in 'normal' jobs so that she can return to her beloved community; which itself moves from India to Oregon and back again.

Punya is Swiss, and her research as to dates and particulars is impeccable; her voice is earnest, even-tempered, and somehow innocent, as the story unfolds, past and present skipping around, giving us a sense of timelessness. Her calm prose lights up the various landscapes like easy sunshine.

For those who were there, the book will delight with its clear recollections, and will likely tell them things they didn't know. For those who only watched from a distance, or weren't born yet, Punya's inviting you into an extraordinary time with an extraordinary man.

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On the Edge: Living with an Enlightened Master
by Yoga PunyaSearch for Yoga Punya
$14.34 new/used

On the Edge is the absorbing story of a young Swiss woman who, driven by the classic question ?Who am I?? finds herself in 1974 in India meeting Osho, an enlightened mystic. His magical presence encourages her to dive into the wonders of meditation. Her vivid vignettes let the reader inside the commune, living out ? alongside meditators from 100 countries ? the breakthroughs and setbacks of this unique mystery school. Punya goes back and forth from west to east as she works ?normal? jobs to earn the means to return to her beloved community, which itself moves from India to Oregon and back. As a chronicler, Punya?s research is impeccable; her voice earnest and even-tempered. Past and present alternate as her calm prose lights up various landscapes with easy sunshine. If you were there, this book will delight you with clear recollections and perhaps new information. For everyone else, Punya is inviting you to an extraordinary time with an extraordinary man.
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Dropping Ashes on the Buddha: The Teachings of Zen Master Seung Sahn
by Zen Master Seung SahnSearch for Zen Master Seung Sahn
$5.42 new/used

“Somebody comes into the Zen center with a lighted cigarette, walks up to the Buddha statue, blows smoke in its face, and drops ashes on its lap. You are standing there. What can you do?? This is a problem that Zen Master Seung Sahn is fond of posing to his American students who attend his Zen centers. Dropping Ashes on the Buddha is a delightful, irreverent, and often hilariously funny living record of the dialogue between Korean Zen Master Seung Sahn and his American students. Consisting of dialogues, stories, formal Zen interviews, Dharma speeches, and letters using the Zen Master?s actual words in spontaneous, living interaction with his students, this book is a fresh presentation of the Zen teaching method of “instant dialogue? between Master and student which, through the use of astonishment and paradox, leads to an understanding of ultimate reality.

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Life Is Divine Play: My Life and Training with Enlightened Masters
by Mark JohnsonSearch for Mark Johnson
$45.00 new/used

Life is Divine Play is a memoir that shares one man's forty-year spiritual journey that began in the Eastern United States and ultimately led him to the Orient where he met his principle Daoist master and teacher.

Mark Johnson begins his inspiring life story with details of his humble beginnings, growing up in a middle-class family in a small coal-mining town in Pennsylvania. He continues with his psychic and spiritual development in a Hindu ashram in Florida during the 1960s. After meditating with a famous Zen Buddhist in California, Johnson provides insight into his training with a powerful Daoist/Wizard in Taiwan and later in the wild and dangerous hills of Malibu, California. He, like so many of his generation, found his richest spiritual inspiration in Eastern philosophy and not only reveals the profound and valuable concepts he learned from his mentors, he includes ways to apply his insights to everyday life situations in a humorous and playful manner.

As Johnson shares the details from his incredible lifelong odyssey, he inspires and encourages others to seek a life of play where they too might find the same peace that he once sought and eventually found.
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Footprints in the Snow: A Modern-Day Communication Between an Enlightened Master and His Disciples
by Umi LodgeSearch for Umi Lodge
$0.01 new/used

"Footprints in the Snow" is an experience of a rainbow of emotions. It is a conversation between 21 people and Umi. This group of friends have the courage to speak about their inner most fears, their loves, their desires and their joys. Umi speaks to them with feeling and wisdom. Using anecdotes and stories, he illustrates the deeper mysteries of life, making this book a fascinating and entertaining experience.

On January 10th 1998, prior to these communications, Umi went through a deep personal Transformation, an experience of dissolution of the self, a transformation which mystics call Enlightenment.

"The only feeling left was that this work must be shared with everyone. Each page and every word became a remembering from my body, a remembering of how Umi danced in me. Throughout the production of this book, the deepest gratitude I have ever known has blossomed. The gift of the Master is a mystery, ever present, forever loving and always within." Deva.
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Seven Masters, One Path: Meditation Secrets from the World's Greatest Teachers
by John SelbySearch for John Selby
$5.95 new/used

Seven Masters, One Path brings together the seven primary practices of the world?s most revered spiritual masters?Krishnamurti, Lao-tzu, Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed, Gurdjieff, and Patanjali?in one simple yet complete program. Finally everyone who wants to learn how to meditate, or to deepen their meditation practice, can turn to one comprehensive guidebook that leads readers gently yet surely into experiencing the seven universal dimensions of daily meditation practice.

Seven Masters, One Path guarantees access to deep meditative experience for people seeking relief from emotional and mental stress, and especially for anyone who longs to experience a deeper sense of connection with our spiritual core. No matter how divergent all the theologies, philosophies, rituals, and dogmas of the world?s great meditative traditions might appear, John Selby reveals that the underlying intent of the original masters was remarkably similar?to help people to point their attention toward regular contact with the divine, through opening hearts and souls to direct communion with God by whatever name.

Offering one meditation each from the seven teachers, Seven Masters, One Path emphasizes the commonalities in the diverse traditions, ultimately providing a unique and accessible meditation program that anyone can master.

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