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Montserrat News

Montserrat’s Unexpected Life Click Here to Open in a New Window
Though its capital was leveled by a volcano and more than half of the island is now in the “exclusion zone,” this British territory remains home to a vibrant community.
Sean Scully Fills a Spanish Monastery With Bursts of Color Click Here to Open in a New Window
The Irish-American artist is showing some of his abstract works in a 1,000-year-old monastery in Spain.
A Film Explores Curaçao’s Effort to Become a Caribbean Haven for Coral Click Here to Open in a New Window
A documentary explores how Curacao is trying to lead the Caribbean in building an economy around its coral reefs, instead one that threatens them.
Volcano in Montserrat Is Kicking Up Again Click Here to Open in a New Window
Authorities put residents on heightened alert today as Montserrat's rumbling volcano spilled hot rock and ash over its southern flank and tossed an ash cloud 10,000 feet into the air. The latest activity at the Soufriere Hills volcano coated the evacuated capital, Plymouth, with a thick layer of ash and forced authorities to reimpose a nighttime evacuation of the town of Richmond Hill, just to the north of Plymouth.
World News Briefs; Volcano Threat Forces Montserrat Evacuation Click Here to Open in a New Window
About 5,000 people, nearly half the population of the tiny British territory of Montserrat, have been evacuated from their homes because of fears a volcano may soon erupt, officials said today. The Chance's Peak volcano, which last erupted more than 100 years ago, has been emitting dust and debris for about a month, raising concern that a major eruption could engulf the tiny Caribbean island.
Caribbean Islanders Flee As Volcano Spreads Fire Click Here to Open in a New Window
Throwing red-hot gravel into the air, an erupting volcano set fire to several buildings overnight and left a coating of ashes over the abandoned capital of this British colony in the Caribbean. It was the largest eruption of the volcano, Soufriere, since it began rumbling last year. There were no injuries but several dozen people were evacuated from an expanded danger zone as a precaution.
Plymouth Journal; A Special Island, but, Oh, the Troubles It's Seen Click Here to Open in a New Window
"The sulfur smelling so bad, the ashes driving me mad," Desmond Daley, a musician known as Flasher, sings in his latest calypso, a long and vibrant tradition here. "The thought of volcanic eruption have me in frustration!" That sentiment is widely shared by inhabitants of this remote 39-square-mile Caribbean island, which in recent weeks has suffered a string of natural disasters reminiscent of biblical plagues.
Plymouth Journal; On Tiny Isle of 300 Banks, Enter Scotland Yard Click Here to Open in a New Window
LEAD: It is a little after four o'clock on a weekday afternoon and the clapboard and stone shops and offices in this little waterfront village are already closed. Except for a couple of stray roosters, the streets are empty.
When President Reagan announced the invasion of Grenada yesterday, at his side was the outspoken, strong- willed Prime Minister of Dominica, Eugenia Charles. She had been invited to Washington to present the views of the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States, at whose request the invasion was undertaken. This group, whose members joined in the invasion, are members of a larger Caribbean grouping, the Caribbean Community and Common Market, or Caricom, a close-knit, basically pro- American grouping that has in the past opposed violence to resolve conflicts. This 13-member economic group, which includes Grenada itself, sided with their former colonial ruler, Britain, during the Falkland conflict, arguing that Argentina's invasion of the islands was a violation of international law.

Montserrat at Wikipedia Click Here to Open in a New Window
Montserrat at CIA FactBook Click Here to Open in a New Window

You are here: Index location World Events location Montserrat News

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