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Obedience Quotes

"A great work is made out of a combination of obedience and liberty."
Nadia Boulanger

"Rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God."
Thomas Jefferson

"There are two kinds of men who never amount to much: those who cannot do what they are told, and those who can do nothing else."
Cyrus H. Curtis

"Wicked men obey from fear; good men, from love."

"My Guru ordered me to attend to the sense 'I am' and to give attention to nothing else. I just obeyed. I did not follow any particular course of breathing, or meditation, or study of scriptures. Whatever happened, I would turn away my attention from it and remain with the sense 'I am', it may look too simple, even crude. My only reason for doing it was that my Guru told me so. Yet it worked! Obedience is a powerful solvent of all desires and fears."

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Obedience Definition: Willingness to obey, to be contolled when neccessary, to carry out orders.

Etymology of 'Obedience'
c.1200, "submission to a higher power or authority," from Old French obedience "obedience, submission" (12c.) and directly from Latin oboedientia "obedience," noun of quality from oboedientem (nominative oboediens). Obey: late 13c., from Old French obeir "obey, be obedient, do one's duty" (12c.), from Latin obedire, oboedire "obey, be subject, serve; pay attention to, give ear," literally "listen to," from ob "to" + audire "listen, hear".

Positive Suggestions:
"Awaken your natural Obedience"
"Perfect Obedience is within you"
"Allow yourself to feel Obedient now"
"Accept Obedience"
"Trust in your Obedience"
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Obedience to Authority: An Experimental View (Perennial Classics)
by Stanley MilgramSearch for Stanley Milgram
$5.23 new/used

In the 1960s Stanley Milgram carried out a series of experiments in which human subjects were given progressively more painful electro-shocks in a careful calibrated series to determine to what extent people will obey orders even when they knew them to be painful and immoral-to determine how people will obey authority regardless of consequences. These experiments came under heavy criticism at the time but have ultimately been vindicated by the scientific community. This book is Milgram?s vivid and persuasive explanation of his methods.

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A Life of Obedience
by Andrew MurraySearch for Andrew Murray
$1.00 new/used

Andrew Murray traces obedience through the Bible, from Genesis to the ? nal chapter of Revelation, in a warm, inspirational devotional study. It looks at the issue of obedience in the lives of Bible characters and focuses the reader's attention on the obedience of Christ. Practical as well as inspiring, A Life of Obedience speaks to today's reader as clearly as it did to his audience a century ago.
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Obedience: The Story of Jonah, the Man who Learned Obedience the Hard Way: Teaching Kids Life Lessons with Stories from the Bible series Book 1: Teaching Kids to Obey

Do you want to teach kids valuable life lessons they can easily understand, relate to, remember, and apply in their lives even as kids and for when they grow up?

Would you like to bond with your kids as you are teaching them?

This book will give you , 2 lethal weapons you can immediately employ to encourage, educate, and enrich your kids' and your spirit as well, as you employ these weapons:

The Power of Stories
The Power of God's Word

Stories are very powerful.. It has the power to bring home truths in a very easy manner.. teach lessons without lecturing.. lessons that are remembered even for a long time that no lecture can.

Why use Bible stories? I believe the Bible is the Word of God. And God says of His word:

"My word is like the snow and rain that come down from the sky to water the earth. They make the crops grow and provide seed for sowing and food to eat. So also will be the word that I speak - it will not fail to do what I plan for it; it will do everything I send it to do." (Isaiah 55:10-11)

This series by Tata Velasquez: Teaching Kids Life Lessons with Stories from Bible will do just that... Teach kids life lessons with stories from the Bible.

This first installment, "Obedience: The Story of Jonah, the Man who Learned Obedience the Hard Way" will teach kids how to obey.

This book and series will change your kids' life. Yes, one bible story at a time. Yours too.

"The book and its content is straightforward, length of story is good for its intended early and young readers.. I believe that is is best for story-telling and teaching kids time than for kids' independent reading. It is spot on as a teaching resource and the story of Jonah is told very well." - Devi Zerna, Australia
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The Insanity of Obedience: Walking with Jesus in Tough Places
by Nik RipkenSearch for Nik Ripken
$10.86 new/used

Wise Sheep Among the Wolves

All Christian disciples have one thing in common: as they carry the gospel across the ocean and across the street, persecution will become the norm for those who choose to follow Jesus. How believers respond in the face of persecution reveals everything about their level of faith and obedience.

The Insanity of Obedience is a bold challenge to global discipleship. Nik Ripken exposes the danger of safe Christianity and calls readers to something greater. The Insanity of Obedience challenges Christians in the same, provocative way that Jesus did. This book dares you?and prepares you?to cross the street and the oceans with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Some of Jesus? instructions sound uncomfortable and are potentially dangerous. We may be initially encouraged by His declaration, ?I am sending you out.? But how are we to respond when He then tells us that He is sending us out ?like sheep among wolves"?

In light of the words of Jesus, how can modern day believers rest comfortably in the status quo? How can we embrace casual faith in light of the radical commands of Jesus which are anything but casual? Ripken brings decades of ministry experience in some of the most persecuted areas of the world to bear on our understanding of faith in Jesus. The Insanity of Obedience is a call to roll up your sleeves . . . and to follow and partner with Jesus in the toughest places on this planet.

"We have the high privilege of answering Jesus? call to go," Ripken says. "But let us be clear about this: we go on His terms, not ours. If we go at all, we go as sheep among wolves."
Jesus gives us Himself.  And He gives us the tools necessary for those who dare to journey with Him.

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A Long Obedience in the Same Direction: Discipleship in an Instant Society
by Eugene H. PetersonSearch for Eugene H. Peterson
$3.88 new/used

As a society, we are no less obsessed with the immediate than when Eugene Peterson first wrote this Christian classic. If anything, email and the Internet may have intensified our quest for the quick fix. But Peterson's time-tested prescription for discipleship remains the same--a long obedience in the same direction. Tucked away in the Hebrew Psalter, Peterson discovered "an old dog-eared songbook," the Songs of Ascents that were sung by pilgrims on their way up to worship in Jerusalem. In these songs (Psalms 120-134) Peterson finds encouragement for modern pilgrims as we learn to grow in worship, service, joy, work, happiness, humility, community and blessing. This 20th anniversary edition of A Long Obedience in the Same Direction features these Psalms in Peterson's widely acclaimed paraphrase, The Message. He also includes an epilogue in which he reflects on the themes of this book and his ministry during the twenty years since its original publication.
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The Obedience Option: Because God knows what's good for us
by David W HeggSearch for David W Hegg
$0.94 new/used

Do you ever wonder why you keep doing things you know you shouldn't? Does life sometimes feel like one constant battle between what you know you should do and what you actually end up doing? The Obedience Option directs us to Paul's letter to the Ephesians to discover an "overwhelming faith" - a life dominating conviction that what God has for us through obedience is vastly better than anything this world has to offer. In this state a passion for God and his ways overwhelms everything else. Following God's commands becomes our joy and our lives become a consistent witness to Christ in a world that so desperately needs him.
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Obedience: A Novel
by Will LavenderSearch for Will Lavender
$0.01 new/used

When the students in Winchester University?s Logic and Reasoning 204 arrive for their first day of class, they are greeted not with a syllabus or texts, but with a startling assignment from Professor Williams: Find a hypothetical missing girl named Polly. If after being given a series of clues and details the class has not found her before the end of the term in six weeks, she will be murdered.

At first the students are as intrigued by the premise of their puzzle as they are wary of the strange and slightly creepy Professor Williams. But as they delve deeper into the mystery, the boundary between the classroom and the real world is blurred and the students wonder if it is their own lives they are being asked to save.
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Discipline and Obedience
by Keegan KennedySearch for Keegan Kennedy

Blake Renfroe has been a bad boy? A fraternity boy at Queen?s Landing University, Blake has been caught running an illegal gambling ring on campus, and Chancellor Gregory Blackwell isn?t too happy about it. When Blake reveals his goal with the gambling scheme was to help raise money for tuition, Chancellor Blackwell offers Blake a very special scholarship. But will Blake have the discipline and obedience to make it through the interview process? This steamy short story is approximately 5000 words and includes a stern paddling and adult situations.
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by Josh HuntSearch for Josh Hunt


I wonder how the word strikes you emotionally.

Does it make you mad? Does it irritate you? Does it cause you delight?
Would you like the Christian faith better if it didn?t demand obedience? Would you like God better if he didn?t ask for obedience? Would you like Jesus better if he had never said, ?If you obey my commands, you will remain in my love, just as I have obeyed my Father's commands and remain in his love.? John 15:10 (NIV)

Is obedience something you know you should do but don?t really want to do?

We are a nation of disobedient Christians. We say we follow Christ but we do not. We don?t get up every day and say to our Lord, ?Whatever you want me to do; wherever you want me to go; whoever you call me to love. You are God; I am not. You are boss; I am not. You are Master; I am slave. Where you send I will go. What you will say I will do.?

Not all of us, or course. You may have picked up this book precisely because you have a long history of following God. The basic direction of your life has been for a long time to do what He tells you to do. You have tasted and discovered that God is good. You have picked up this book with the prayer that God would show you any wicked way in you.

I have logged over two million life-time miles on American Airlines alone teaching churches how to grow. I teach a method of doubling a group every two years or less by inviting every member and every prospect to every fellowship every month. It works when you work it. I have a nagging conviction that this is not the problem.

The problem is not that we need a better method or better programs or a new model. The issue is one of simple obedience. In my seminar I point out a simple fact of math. A group of then that doubled every eighteen months would reach a thousand people for God in ten years. We can do it by inviting every member and every prospect to every fellowship every month.

Rarely do I have people say to me that they don?t think it will work. They don?t say to me that they don?t think it is strategic or a reasonable plan. They don?t argue that it is not biblical?there are lots of verses on hospitality. Here is what I have heard them say to me:
? We are comfortable the way we are
? We just don?t want to do that
? We are not willing to do that

We don't method problem or a model problem; we have an obedience problem.

But, there is a problem behind the problem. We don't believe--really believe--that God is good. We don't believe obedience is in our best interest.

This book demonstrates that it is. Obedience is always in our best interest.
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by D Josephine ToynetteSearch for D Josephine Toynette

Obedience is not an option for the disciple of Christ, yet for many, obedience can be a daily or even moment by moment struggle. The purpose of this resource is to help exhort believers as they walk out their faith on a daily basis.
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