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Offline Promotion

Offline promotion is an area often neglected by Webmasters. There are however significant gains to be made offline and at least some of the techniques below should be included in any website's Promotion Strategy.

Business Cards

Have a load of business cards printed up. This can be quite cheap and they can be used in a number of ways. I suggest printing your url large on the card with perhaps a small description. Leave out other personal details such as address and phone number-If anyone wants to contact you they can find your email adress on your site.

Always carry a few around with you in you case you meet someone who could be interested in your site or who's friends might be.

When browsing a book store or libary they can be placed between the pages of books dealing with a similar subject to your site.

Ask shop owners if they would mind putting up your card in their shop. Have some blue tac or cellatape ready for convenience. If it is a particularily good spot you could offer to pay a small fee.

Stick your cards or stickers on traffic lights or on underground escalots-anywhere a large number of people pass through.

Offer a free service for people such as washing their cars, paying their toll or parking meter offering a note saying "Courtesy of _____________. Please visit"

Publicity Stunts

Publicity stunts can be a great way of gaining visibility for your site but must be planned carefully. Another way of gaining publicity is using the publicity stunts of others. Have a word with them before hand and maybe you can come to a mutually beneficial arrangement.

Advertise in Magazines

Write in to letters pages off handedly mentioning your site.

You are here: Index location Webmaster Tips and Tricks location Offline Promotion