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Tibet News

Mary J. Blige Explains Why She Sang to Clinton During Talk Click Here to Open in a New Window
Mary J. Blige said she decided to sing Bruce Springsteen's "American Skin (41 Shots)" to Hillary Clinton during her recent interview because she was trying to get the Democratic presidential nominee to feel and understand the widening frustration among blacks in America over police brutality and similar topics. A pair of clips teasing Blige's interview with Clinton was roundly mocked on Tuesday, including a brief video of Blige singing to Clinton, leaving some...
India Launches Strikes Against Suspected Militants in Pakistan Click Here to Open in a New Window
India’s army said Thursday that it launched “surgical strikes” against suspected militants along the border with Pakistan, but Islamabad rejected the claim, calling it an incident of cross-border firing.       The strikes come in the wake of a militant attack on an Indian army base earlier this month in Kashmir that killed 18 soldiers and which Prime Minister Narendra Modi said would not go unpunished.   India’s Director General of Military Operations, Ranbir...
Nepal Urges 'Conducive Environment' for South Asian Summit Click Here to Open in a New Window
Nepal urged South Asian nations on Thursday to create a "conducive environment'' so a regional summit can be held as scheduled in November in Pakistan's capital.   Nepal, the current chair of the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation, said four of the eight member nations have indicated they will not attend the Nov. 9-10 summit in Islamabad.   Tensions between Pakistan and India have been high since a militant attack on an Indian army base in Kashmir...
Headline News Sep 29, 2016 Click Here to Open in a New Window
ཨི་སི་རེལ་གྱི་དབུ་ཁྲིད་ཞིག་འདས་གྲོངས། རྡོ་སོལ་གཏེར་ཁར་འབར་ཐོར། གྲྭ་པ་ཞིག་བཙན་འཁྲིད། གྲོས་ཚོགས་ཚོགས་དུས་ཞིག་མཇུག་སྒྲིལ།
Monk Disappeared in Amdo Ngaba Click Here to Open in a New Window
According Pema Tso, a reporter for Tibet Times, a monk named Lodoe belonging to Ngaba Tsenang Monastery, was taken away by Chinese authorities three months ago and has not been heard of since. Tso told VOA that on June 14, around 6:30pm, a group of policemen from Barkham County showed up at the monastery and accused Lodoe of breaking the law and took him away. Since then, members of the monk’s family and monks from his monastery have visited the county security police office...
Trump Blames China for Stealing Jobs, Stalling on North Korea Click Here to Open in a New Window
China found itself the focus of unwanted attention during the first presidential debate Monday, with Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump accusing Beijing of stealing American jobs and failing to do enough to tackle the rising nuclear threat in North Korea. During the debate, China was mentioned a dozen times, and most of those mentions came from Trump. In his opening remarks, Trump blamed China for having manipulated its currency to gain trade...
Amnesty Cancels Thailand Torture Report Event After Police Warnings Click Here to Open in a New Window
Police in Thailand's capital threatened Wednesday to arrest human rights researchers with Amnesty International over an event tied to a new report detailing allegations of “torture and other ill treatment” by the military and police. Minar Pimple, Amnesty International’s Senior Director of Global Operations, said in a statement authorities “warned that if representatives of Amnesty International spoke at the event, they could be subject to arrest and prosecution under Thailand’s labor...
Clinton, Trump Clash Over Strategy to Defeat IS Click Here to Open in a New Window
The U.S. strategy against Islamic State extremists figured prominently in the first presidential debate Monday night. The candidates, Democrat Hillary Clinton, 68, and Republican Donald Trump, 70, offered starkly different takes on defeating the extremist group, raising the question: How accurate were their comments on IS? To find out, VOA asked a few experts to evaluate the candidates' statements on IS. Clinton on IS in Iraq "Our military is assisting in Iraq. And...
Chinese Coal Mine Explosion Kills 18 Click Here to Open in a New Window
A gas explosion at a Chinese coal mine has left at least 18 people dead and two more missing after what Chinese officials are calling “illegal” mining activities. The gas explosion occurred Tuesday morning at a small coal mine in the northwestern Chinese city of Shizuishan as 20 miners were working underground, Chinese state media reported. Xinhua cited an initial investigation in blaming illegal mining for the explosion, though the state media outlet did not provide further...
The US Presidential Election and the First Candidate Debate Click Here to Open in a New Window
Kunleng discusses the rise of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton to become the presidential candidates for the two major US political parties, their current standing in the polls, and the first of three debates that took place on Monday which was viewed by more Americans than any other US presidential debate in history.
Kunleng News Sep 28, 2016 Click Here to Open in a New Window
རྒྱ་ནག་གཞུང་གིས་བོད་ཀྱི་ཆབ་སྲིད་བཙོན་ཟུར་བསྐྱར་དུ་འཛིན་བཟུང་། བོད་མི་མང་སྤྱི་འཐུས་གྲོས་ཚོགས་ཚོགས་དུས་གཉིས་པ། སི་རི་ཡའི་དཀའ་སྡུག་གནས་སྟངས།
Yonten Gyatso Pioneer Sweater & Woolens Merchant Click Here to Open in a New Window
Selling sweaters has been a key source of income for Tibetan refugees over the last 50 years and Yonten Gyatso is one of the pioneers of the business. At one point, Gyatso operated over 40 sales locations in three different cities, creating employment opportunities for hundreds of Tibetans and Indians, many of whom went on to become successful merchants themselves. He tells VOA that one of the reasons for his success lay in the mutual trust ...

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You are here: Index location World Events location Tibet News

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