Ultimate Transformation Techniques

108 Techniques for Inner Healing and Personal Power

1: The Universal Blessing Technique

Blessing means to wish the best for something in accordance with the highest good. Bless yourself and your friends and family. Bless all races, all ages. Bless the Earth, all minerals, plants, animals. Bless the sun and moon. Bless each religion in turn and all together. Bless each star sign, bless male and female, old and young. Bless that which is around you now. Bless people and things that come before your mind in daydreams. Bless politicians and people from all professions. Bless all land marks and countries. Silently say I Bless... Be sure to bless the people and things you don't presently like as well as the things you do like. This way you will develop the virtues of impartiality and universal compassion.

2: The Flame of Bravery Technique

Contemplate the nature of true bravery. Visualize a great flame of bravery filling and surrounding you. Imagine this flame cleansing you of cowardice and false fears. Feel naturally brave as the flame heals and strengthens your good character.

3: The Total Faith Technique

Have deep faith that you can heal and improve your character. Affirm it to yourself silently but with great strength, joy and enthusiasm. Trust in your power and natural goodness. Repent, renounce and reject false beliefs that have obstructed your natural healing.

4: The Gratitude Vibration Technique

The grateful, the thankful, the glad are usually blessed with good fortune and they are protected from the inner poisons of bitterness, ingratitude and resentment. Let universal gratitude pervade your life. Visualize a gong, drum or bell inside every cell of your body. Upon the instrument the word gratitude is written. Picture the sacred gong, drum or bell in your every cell vibrating with the pure healthy gratitude. Imagine your whole body resonating with true thankfulness. Vibrating away and dissolving any inner blockages of resentment. Make a list of all the things you have to be grateful for. Remember even rough experiences are beneficial in that they strengthen your character and deepen your wisdom.

5: The Three Jewels Technique

Affirm to yourself that your thoughts, speech and actions will act in harmony together in accordance with the highest good. See in your inner mind beautiful pure water cleansing your thoughts, speech and actions, washing away any impurities that have accumulated over the years. Feel lighter and brighter.

6: The Sorrow Fire Technique

Feel humble-humble enough to admit past wrongs. What ever wrong deeds you have performed in the past feel a deep repentance for. Allow sorrow and regret to burn away the seeds of wrongdoing within your heart. Forgive yourself completely for past wrong doings. Give yourself permission to act in new and better ways in the future.

7: The Genius Technique

Consider your intelligence. Deep within you is genius beyond what you can now imagine. Perhaps as you were growing up many limiting beliefs concerning your intellect were fed into you by parents and teachers etc not necessarily deliberately or directly. Many people are labeled stupid and so on as children. Those beliefs can restrict the intelligence. Your inner model of how your intelligence should operate may have been based on the less than brilliant minds of those around you. Picture any such beliefs and assumptions within you as dirty grey glass panels inside your mind. Call upon your inner genius to radiate outwards powerfully, completely shattering the dirty grey glass panels to dust. They can now no longer restrict you. Bless your intelligence 3 times. Affirm that your intelligence will day by day heal and increase in accordance with the highest good.

8: The Noursishment Technique

The food you eat effects the quality of your mind. Make sure you are getting plenty of vitamins and minerals. Don't over eat. Fresh food is best. Consume compassionately. Adopt a vegetarian or vegan diet if you can. If you are subject to tempers and frustration avoid too much spicy food. Make sure you drink enough water. Non-florinated toothpaste is preferable. Avoid artificial sweeteners. Feed the hungry. Share your food when appropriate. Do not rush the eating of your food. If you wish to increase a particular quality within yourself imagine your food to be imbued with it-glowing with that quality. As you eat the food contemplate the quality filling you. Consider deeply that many of your past beliefs about food may be false information given out by those with ulterior motives.

9: The Blue Sphere Technique

As you breathe in gently relax. As you breathe out gently relax. Gently stretch your body letting go of any unnecessary tension. Whatever happens around you react to it efficiently in accordance with the highest good but remain peaceful. See the value in calmness. Visualize yourself within a beautiful blue sphere of healing light. This sphere will help you to recognize deeper and deeper levels of tranquility within you as natural states available at all times.

10: The Dancing Rainbow Technique

Don't allow yourself to be constrained by habits. Allow for new opportunities and ways of being. See everything as fresh, new and interesting. Awaken your curiosity fully. Feel as if you are surrounded by vivid bright colorful rainbows dancing and glowing, waking you up to new life. Try something new in your life.

11: The Independent Happiness Technique

Contemplate happiness, contemplate bliss. There are 2 sorts of happiness. Dependent happiness comes and goes dependent on particular circumstances. Independent happiness is a natural bliss that nobody can take away from you.

12: The Christ Pose Technique

If you are able, stand up and become aware of any unnecessary tension in your body. Let it go and relax. Raise your arms slowly so that your body forms the shape of a cross. Gently and slowly, turn round in a clockwise direction 7 or 8 times. Whilst doing this maintain a loving attitude for those in very direction that you face and every direction that you have faced.

13: The Water of Life Technique

Pour yourself a small glass of cold water. Place it in natural sunlight for a few minutes whilst thinking of health, vitality and invigorating lifeforce. Drink the water, whilst imagining being filled with Life.

14: The Clean Mirror Technique

Tidy your room or house. Try and find a place that has not been cleaned for a long time and do a really good job cleaning it. As you clean outwardly feel cleaner inside also.

15: The Red Level Technique

Think of one easy practical thing you can do right now to improve your life. Go and do it now.

16: The Clear Vow Technique

Make a decision, silently affirm that you choose to give up any redundant, useless and harmful vows that you may have made consciously or unconsciously in the past. Feel lighter and brighter. Ask God to heal you, clean you, free you and protect you.

17: The Overview Technique

Make a brief or extensive investigation into all the different world religions and philosophies. Learn something useful and beneficial from each one.

18: The Thought Freedom Technique

Get a dictionary and flick through it. Try and expand your vocabulary. Learn a new word, its definition and spelling.

19: The Humble Hand Technique

Gently raise your hands in front of you. Place each palm carefully together in the prayer position. Contemplate deeply: balance, harmony, symmetry and beauty. Silently praise the quality of humbleness. Give up the unnecessary tension of arrogance and false pride. Lovingly and joyfully contemplate your hands in this position.

20: The Justified Treat Technique

Give yourself a treat, eat something sweet. Whatever has happened in your life you have more experience, knowledge and understanding now at this point in time than ever before.

21: The Master of Desire Technique

Is freedom the ability to indulge all your desires? If you are compelled by a desire are you not a slave to it? True freedom means you have made your desires powerless over you. You have reclaimed your natural power. The very realization of this has an instant beneficial effect.

22: The Laughter Cleansing Technique

Enjoy thinking along these lines: May my laughter be freed from all cruelty. I accept good humor fully. May my laughter be happy , natural and pleasant to hear. May my laughter heal those who hear it. May my laughter be bright, dispelling gloom and uplifting hearts.

23: The Suffering Study Technique

Without relying on any ideas that you have heard of, dedicate a day to understanding the root cause of suffering. When you feel yourself in suffering or you perceive someone else to be suffering ask yourself: "what is the cause?". What ever answer you come up with ask "but why?- what is the cause of that?". Use "Why?" to go deeper and deeper into the causes. With patience, and trial and error, slowly become more and more conscious of the root causes or cause of suffering.

24: The Natural CompletenessTechnique

You are ever complete and whole. Contemplate and affirm this. Any cravings and greed will loose their false foundation within you. This is a key technique helping you to remember who you really are. Experiment with it sincerely and deeply.

25: The Character Mirror Technique

Look at yourself in the mirror as if for the first time. Accept and love yourself. Can traces of your character be seen upon your face? Is there a character flaw that you could work on?

26: The Silent Sky Technique

In a quite time, look up at the sky and contemplate it. If in the day look up at any clouds and the endless blue. If in the night look at the moon and stars. Give your eyes and outlook a change from looking at close things so much. How do you feel in the silence, looking out so far?

27: The Heart Rhythm Technique

Go somewhere very quite and try and become aware of your heartbeat in different parts of your body. As you become aware of the different parts of your body and as you notice your heartbeat, let go of any necessary stress and tension.

28: The Brain Balance Technique

With your left hand gently massage your right hand then with your right hand gently massage your left hand. Get some paper and colored pencils. Draw some circles, squares and triangles etc with each hand in turn. Then draw more complex images, and write positive phrases with each hand in turn. Use your imagination. Try and become ambidextrous-to be able to use both hands equally well. This may increase the harmony between the 2 hemispheres of your brain.

29: The Shield of Justice Technique

Silently affirm that you would prefer Justice in every situation even at the expense of your own ego.

30: The One World Technique

Picture the whole Earth bathed in a blessed healing fire. Wish everyone well.

31: The Comforting Heart Technique

Imagine a continuum, a spectrum of states of being from those who are not comforting at all at one end to the perfect embodiment of Comforting, Loving, Soothing and Encouraging at the other end. Just gently feel like the embodiment of kind and loving comfort for all those who need it. Let the loving feelings radiate from your heart powerfully, helping others and freeing you from any dirt/residue of bitterness that you may have accumulated in your past. Feel and picture, the powerful natural force of your Pure Love dissolving any blockages in your Heart.

32: The Simple Goodness Technique

If you follow a particular religion then follow it's good teachings as best you can. If you do not follow a religion then simply be as good and virtuous as you can be.

33: The Breath of Goodness Technique

As you breathe in feel good. As you breathe out wish good to all. Feeling good will help you wish good and wishing good will help you feel good. Each breath in and out will support the good energies building up within and around you. Several times do this and expect to feel clean and energized when you have finished. Do this during the day and night whenever you feel it will be most effective. After a while reverse it: As you breathe in wish good to all, as you breathe out feel good. Reverse it back and forth every now and again. Eventually feel good and wish good to all with each breathe in and each breath out.

34: The Food Origin Technique

The next time you eat some food, consider all the steps that brought it to you. Bless the food and all those who were connected with bringing it to you.

35: The Goal Pattern Technique

Write a list of your main goals and ambitions. Think about them and come up with some new ones. Write each goal onto a separate piece of card and explore the relationships between them by moving them around into groups and patterns. Which goals support each other? Should some goals be accomplished before others etc etc. Now go and do something useful towards the accomplishment of your goals.

36: The Changeless Awareness Technique

What is your earliest memory? Consider that although your thoughts, memories and body etc have changed over time, your actual Awareness of those things has not changed.

37: The Dissolution Technique

Contemplate the eventual end of your current life-the actual moment of your death. Contemplate it very deeply and from every angle.

38: The Balanced Voice Technique

Consider the virtue of discretion. Refrain from gossip and the telling of tales about the faults of others. Honest discretion, kind discretion, wise and gentle discretion. May every virtue support and be reflected in the pure quality of your discretion. May you save yourself much regret by firmly controlling your speech and all other forms of communication.

39: The Wholesome Gift Technique

If you have done a good deed do not spoil it by demanding, or being greedy for, gratitude nor let it inflame excessive pride in you. Let go of such things and be happy. Make a decision to give up demands for gratitude and feelings of excessive pride. If such things arise in you in the future just let them go each time and you will be cleaning stains from your heart.

40: The Spirit Poem Technique

Visualize yourself in radiant spirit form soaring upwards to higher and higher heavens. Fragrant, radiant, beautiful, loving realms. Write a poem.

41: The Martial Freedom Technique

Whether male or female you should be able to defend yourself and others in an emergency. Take up a martial art as a sole practitioner of your own study or as part of a good established group. Look into martial tactics such as advance, retreat and surprise etc. How many such basic concepts are there? The same concepts may also be employed for self improvement. Improve the quality of your body with exercise. Develop Balance. Learn how to block, deflect and evade different attacks. It is the duty of good people to be able to defend themselves as well as possible. In victory be merciful plus allow the other person to save face ie take away any sting of humiliation for them if you can. Remain calm and emotionally in control.

42: The Spaciousness Technique

Contemplate Omnipresence. Endless Space. Endless Spaciousness. Imagine your body to be infinite in space big enough to contain all things. Beginningless Space without barriers.

43: The Divine BalanceTechnique

Wash and massage your feet or at least visualize feet being washed and massaged. If you can stand up slowly, carefully and deliberately. Notice the weight distribution between left and right. Aim to be exactly balanced between left and right for a few moments. Forgive yourself for any past wrongs. Aim to act well from now on.

44: The Rut BusterTechnique

Do something different today. Become aware of your routines so you are not trapped by them. Fine tune your routines and endow them with harmony. Drop routines that you would be better of dropping. Do not be overly attached to particular routines. Do not move around half asleep. Be aware of what you are doing. Picture being in a holy rain of Freshness which frees you from all mental laziness. Feel fresh and fully alive.

45: The Affirmation/Negation Technique

Two very basic concepts are Yes and No. Are the Universal Yes and the Universal No in perfect harmony and simultaneous? Study this question completely.

46: The Timeless Technique

Contemplate Eternity. Endless Time. Timelessness. Imagine your body to be infinite in time big enough to contain all events. Beginningless Time without barriers.

47: The Visual Variety Technique

Look around you now and see everything as combinations of straight and curved lines in different colors and combinations. All forms, in their infinite variety are composed of straight and curved lines in different combinations. Pick object after object in your visual field and look at it from the viewpoint of it just been a combination of straight and curved lines. Meditate deeply "What is Curiosity?"

48: The Shadow Twin Technique

Try and describe your character-the good qualities and the vices/weaknesses. Now imagine a being with the exact opposite qualities. In other words a being with the vices that you are free from but who also has the virtues/positive qualities that you lack in your everyday life. Imagine the 2 of you hugging and as you hug long held knots of tension within you unwinding and freeing up. Let the qualities that you seemed to lack well up from the depths of your heart.

49: The Majestic Mountain Technique

Sit upright and feel as solid and majestic as a great holy mountain.

50: The Universal Mantra Technique

When alone intone the vowl sounds only. Say all the vowl sounds out aloud separately and phase from one to the other. Let the sounds be rich, harmonious and beautiful. Notice how each sound vibrates, become aware of the shape your mouth makes as it makes the vowl sounds. Be aware of any different feelings you get from each different sound. Modulate your volume from silently inside to as loud as you like.

51: The Heavenly Symphony Technique

Imagine in your mind the most beautiful heavenly music and angelic singing. Feel the melodies resonating through every fiber of your being, actually purifying and sanctifying the you and atmosphere around you.

52: The Lost Fragments Technique

Independent of your breath and heartbeat let any lost energies and rejected aspects of your being stream back to you, nourishing the neglected parts. Inwardly proclaim that any lost or neglected energies are Welcome whatever incidents happened in the past. Simply radiate Welcome to any neglected parts of your being. Feel whole and wholesome. Feel complete.

53: The Primal Posture Technique

Just now, hardly moving, what is your posture? What does it say about you? Become aware of your posture and any feelings attached to it. If you felt really good, peaceful and happy plus alert and capable, what would your posture be? Allow your posture to change if necessary.

54: The Subliminal Memory Technique

Look around and focus on a particular feature of your environment such as a picture, a corner of the room or a light switch etc. Focus on the feature for a few seconds and at the same time silently say with enthusiasm a short positive affirmation, such as, "I feel good", "I renounce vice" or "I am successful" etc etc. Then choose a another feature and repeat the process with another or the same affirmation. Do this a few times with different features. You will build up a self supporting network of positive associations to the area. You will automatically and effortlessly attain a beneficial attitude whenever you are in the area. Choose other areas and repeat the process.

55: The Inner Bow Technique

Those who you admire and respect, those with great qualities, try to emulate them and be like them. Just now where you are, bow your head down in respect and reverence for all those who embody goodness and wisdom and all those who strive to be good and wise people.

56: The Family of Friends Technique

Are there any good friends or family who you have lost touch with? Someone who you have not contacted with for too long? If there is such a person get in touch with them. If this is not currently practical then wish them well, think fondly of them.

57: The Small Kindness Technique

Kindness is kindness and cruelty is cruelty. A little kindness is still kindness and a little cruelty is still cruelty. Be kind even to insects. Refrain from harming weaker creatures than yourself.

58: The Landmark Technique

Choose a local landmark such as a clock tower, a fountain or a notable geographic feature. Visualize your chosen landmark/focal point as radiating healing energy outwards, healing and uplifting the local area and community. If you have faith in God ask God to sanctify the focal point and make it blessed and sacred.

59: The Gateway Technique

When alone, write with your finger "Peace and Prosperity" invisibly on both sides of your bedroom door.

60: The Living Treasure Technique

Appreciate the beauty and value of trees, of woodland. Plant one Tree or maybe more.

61: The Financial Stability Technique

Take a look at your finances, the ingoings and outgoings. Can you make any improvements towards your financial wellbeing and stability?

62: The Pure Breath Technique

Become very aware of your nose. Let go of any tension there. Listen to yourself breathing and at the same time breathe as peacefully, easily and silently as possible. Let the calm feelings fill your head and neck, spreading to your whole body, warming and nourishing every cell, every part.

63: The Possession Review Technique

Take stock of all your possessions and keep that which is useful and beautiful. Anything that you feel may be too negative, give up.

64: The Sunlight Fruit Technique

Get a piece of fresh fruit, whichever is your favorite. Imagine it filled with sunlight and pure goodness. Eat it quite slowly, keeping fully aware.

65: The Evident Toughness Technique

Whatever has happened to you in the past, you have survived it all. Ponder this. You are resilient and strong. Acknowledge your basic Toughness.

66: The True Logic Technique

Study logic and the nature of logical fallacies. Develop your reason. Notice any faulty reasoning in yourself and correct it. If you have held certain beliefs, even for a very long time, be willing to give them up. Be loyal to the truth whatever it is more than your own past beliefs. Love Truth. Picture yourself filled with the brilliant light of Truth.

67: The Eternal Beauty Technique

The laws of mathematics are transcendental. Set yourself some simple sums and work them out in your head. Refresh your memory regarding the times tables. Look into some deeper aspects of mathematics. Research. Meditate on Beauty. Think of the deepest, most profound beauty. Allow your contemplation of beauty to transform you from within. Shed any lobsidedness in your character.

68: The Ancestor Continuum Technique

Imagine your DNA as a pure white sheet of cloth, stained with dirt and grime. In your mind's eye see the pure living water cleaning the sheet, deeply, fully, completely. All the dirt and grime is washed away. Imagine the pure white sheet of your DNA shining and dissolving into Light. Bow down in love and respect for all your ancestors.

69: The Living Space Technique

Re-arrange some of the furniture and items in you living space and in your drawers and cupboards. Straight after doing this think of Light then Life and then Love. Quickly clap your hands 3 times. Hold your hands together gently and imagine Light Life and Love as One.

70: The Gardener Technique

Symbolically picture your name in the form of a fruit tree. What does the tree look like? Whatever state the tree appears to you in your inner mind, picture it receiving water and nourishment. Imagine that from now on it will be cared for and magickally protected. See the tree with deep roots in good soil and abundant with blessed fruit. However realize that in a way you are beyond names and labels. Embrace the Bliss and Freedom of perfect Namelessness.

71: The Nature Attunement Technique

Spend some time in a garden or wild place. Feel in tune with nature. Give up unnecessary feelings of separation. Contemplate the rhythms of life. Day and night, the seasons and larger cosmic cycles. Attempt, by an act of Will to live in harmony with the rhythms of life.

72: The Emergency Survival Technique

If the modern luxuries and necessities suddenly became unavailable could you survive? Research methods of securing water, food and shelter. Learn more about storing and preparing food. Learn a number of methods of creating fire.

73: The Mutable Future Technique

What will the world be like in 10 years, in 100 years and in a thousand years? What will the world be like in 10,000 years? Use your intelligence and imagination to come up with a few ideas. Every individual makes some contribution to the future.

74: The Sleep Renewal Technique

Go to bed an hour earlier than usual even if you don't feel like it. Silently say to yourself "may I sleep well tonight". Say this a few times. Let go of any worries and go to sleep.

75: The Theory/Practice Technique

Think of the concepts: Theory and Practice. Withdraw your attention and energy from any of your harmful/useless theories and practices. Imagine any of your false theories and practices simply rotting away, falling away from you. Picture Theory and Practice married together within you. Allow the practical and abstract to unite. As Theory and Practice unite within you let them become ever more beautiful, beneficial and useful.

76: The Surprise Gift Technique

Visualize being thoroughly cleaned inside and out with pure healing water. Allow yourself to feel fresh and invigorated. Think deeply about Surprise someone with a small gift.

77: The Opportunity Magnet Technique

Next time you are walking outside periodically scan the ground for coins, bank notes and other valuables. If you see something and feel like it, then pick it up and keep it. If you find anything that can be returned to someone then return it. See every journey, especially routine ones as an adventure. Look out for opportunities.

78: The Heaven Scent Technique

Become aware of your nose. Focus your attention on the left and right nostrils alternately. Breath very gently. Smell a flower. Relax your whole body and smile.

79: The Circle of Awareness Technique

Just now, without looking behind you, describe what is there from memory and maybe with the help of your other senses. After a few moments look round and compare.

80: The Caution Shield Technique

Dedicate your next few breaths to Caution. Simply say to yourself "I dedicate my next few breaths towards embodying Healthy Caution". Breathe naturally for a few seconds. Allow yourself to feel protected from foolish recklessness.

81: The True Foundation Technique

Trust in your Virtue.

82: The Sancity Attunement Technique

Without motives, without other thoughts, wash your hands and touch the water up to your forehead.

83: The New Tradition Technique

Do not discard traditions just for the sake of it nor resist revolutions just for the sake of it. Feel comfortable with Tradition and Revolution, with Change and Continuity. Support Good traditions and Good revolutions. Resist bad traditions and bad revolutions. Be humble enough to admit you are wrong and always act with kindness. Reflect how the outer world and your inner world are connected. Revolutions and traditions may be found in both worlds.

84: The Wise Government Technique

Are you ignoring and silencing parts of your own being? Are you starving and suppressing parts of your being. Like a wise and powerful leader, give mercy and comfort to all parts of your being.

85: The Vibrational Stucture Technique

Repeat an affirmation such as . Internally see/feel the affirmation as an outer gate-a floating vibrational structure. Go though the outer gate. Travel inwards towards the highest purity of the affirmation-to the source. With every repetition of the affirmation go deeper into the vibrational corridor, travelling through gate after gate-each more beautiful than the one before it. This will purify the affirmation and take you to it's true source within you.

86: The Synchronicity Technique

Pray for Guidance and then open a dictionary, thesaurus or encyclopedia at random and let your finger fall upon the page. Study and contemplate the random word phrase or picture. Try and interpret your guidance in accordance with the highest good.

87: The Flawed Mirror Technique

Let those around you be new and fresh. Whatever their faults in the past allow for the possibility that they will be different now. Be ever patient and discrete in this. If a particular fault in another really irritates you, look for the root of the irritation in your own heart and uproot it. If you find a similar fault in yourself, correct it properly and your irritation will no longer arise.

88: The Generational Vibration Technique

Celebrate your past successes and your past failures: they have together helped you to your present state of wisdom.

89: The Lion's Roar Technique

Find a time and a place where you can shout as loud as possible without anyone else hearing. Roar. Roar without inhibitions.

90: The Attention Beam Technique

Write the word "Concentration" on a piece of paper and draw a rough circle around it. Stare at the word for over a minute, without following any memories or imaginations that may come into your mind. Concentrate on the word Concentration, without distraction for over a minute.

91: The Nectar Attunement Technique

With your mouth closed and relaxed, briefly put your tongue back as far as it will comfortably go and close your eyes.

92: The First Step Technique

If something bad for you is tempting you, simply avert your gaze from it and think of something else. Do not take the first step towards the bad course of action, but, before that turn away immediately. For this technique, study in your mind the above procedure and memorize it so that it is ready to use when needed.

93: The Garment Refresher Technique

Look through all your clothes. Certain outfits can make it much easier for us to summon up parts of our personality that we don't normally display. Take a fresh look at your clothes, what they say about you and how they seem to make you feel. Make adjustments to what you wear if appropriate. Wear something a little different for a change-just as an experiment.

94: The Trans-cultural View Technique

"Seperate yourSelf from all cultural references". what does this mean? Look to the trans-cultural and then look to the Universal.

95: The Perfect Activity Technique

See yourself as very wise and powerful. If you did everything right for the next two weeks how much would your life, in different areas and as a whole, be improved? Contemplate this question and implement changes.

96: The Warming Light Technique

Dedicate the next hour of your life towards giving up false and unecessary pessimism. Progressively let it go from your life just as if you noticed an unnecessary tension in your body and the very noticing alowed you to let the tension go and relax. Feel bliss and healthy hope as a ball of energy moving through your body cleaning and healing the different areas. Direct the beneficial ball of energy to your head and let it clean and heal your eyes, your nose and and your brain. Cheerfully and peacefully direct it to all parts of your head and brain. Then your neck and the rest of your body each part in turn.

97: The Vitality Booster Technique

Eat a fresh green salad. Imagine the salad to be full of Life Energy. See the salad as Medicine and Nourishment. Be thankful and happy.

98: The All pervading Mercy Technique

Attune to the universal ideal of Mercy. Mercy and kindness are natural to you. Let your consciousness and life be saturated with Mercy.

99: The Depth Question Technique

Use the question "Why?" to dig deeper and deeper into your motives. As your awareness penetrates and lights up your motivations many negative behavior patterns will naturally and spontaneously collapse and fall away from you. All the energy that you had been using semiconsciously to maintain outdated, harmful and half forgotten plans and strategies will be released to you.

100: The Ideal Embodyment Technique

Call to mind your ideal of how a human being should be. Call to mind the errors you have made in the past and the unhappiness caused by those errors. Build up a strong unstoppable determination to eradicate character flaws within yourself. Decide to embody as much as possible the ideal.

101: The Number ClearingTechnique

Imagine each number in turn free from any negative associations. View each number as an eternal power or unique and valuable pattern. Visualize Pure Light completely cleaning your understanding of all numbers and any particular numbers that you want to work on. Wish for and develop your personal sensitivity to the qualities of numbers, untainted by possibly false opinions from outside.

102: The Blessed Memory Technique

Bless your memory. Explore your memory lovingly. What is your earliest memory? Now try and think of an even earlier memory. How does memory work?

103: The Time Expansion Technique

With pad and paper or in your mind note where you might be in 1 hour, in one day, in one week, in one month and in one year. Then note where you might be each year after that, every year as far into the future as you feel comfortable. Do this exercise a few times and allow for many different possibilities of varying levels of pleasure. Decide to understand Reality.

104: The Heartwood Technique

Become a heart warmer, a comforter. Protect the weak, be of good nature.

105: The Deathless Purity Technique

Without language or symbols explore who you are. Without comparison to other objects or concepts: what are you?

106: The Natural Wisdom Technique

Progressively educate yourself in the wisdom of nature with observation. Spend more time in gardens and the countryside. Become absorbed in the beaurty and wisdom of nature. Dedicate each of your senses to beneficial awareness.

107: The Friend of Patience Technique

Praise your Patience bravely and spontaneously-that is fearlessly and with naked awareness. Be grateful to the quality of Patience within you.

108: The Number Wheel Technique

Count backwards in your mind slowly from 108 to 1.