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A Selection of Poems by Alton Slater


If I'm a puppet on a string
This life is a deceptive thing
All my wants were put there too
By a force that told me what to do
Even thoughts of what I think
Were placed upon my mental link
The sadness is I thought its me
And now there's facts that I can see
The puppeteer did pull my strings
He did not tell about those things
But when I danced around this world
I watched what happened and unfurled
That's how I learned that I was bound
By seeing what occurred each round
The puppeteer still pulls the strings
But now I'm free of all he brings
So you may wonder "who am I"
I only say there is no "my"
My very first samadhi
Was such a great event
I'd like to tell what happened
How it came and went
I found myself a teacher
Who told me what to do
I practiced every moment
And even in the loo
It came about so suddenly
That I did disappear
So you could not find me
In front or in the rear
My very first samadhi
Was such a great event
I cannot tell what happened
Because it came and went


Cyber Guru on the Net
Here to tell you not to fret
Watching karmas and you'll see
That they have no reality
Thoughts and feelings that arise
Are not lasting wont survive
Gain and pleasure you do seek
Both will give no lasting tweak
What to do for mind control
Ask yourself who has that goal
Staying in the present time
Is holding nothing in the mind
Ask the question "Who Am I"
That by which you'll never die
Cyber guru on the net
Very happy that we met

Grieving Souls:

Grieving souls taking antidepressants
Have you forgotten your Godly essence
Stop wining a puling and stuck in self pity
Consider what's offered right here in this ditty
You believe that you are~ what you appear to be
Thoughts and feelings and the memories you see
What others have told you and the events of the past
With successes and failures that never did last
A body that's changing and decaying each day
A self image that's based on what others did say
Grieving souls taking antidepressants
All you have is your Godly essence

Searching for Awareness:

Searching for awareness I asked for suggestions
I was willing to follow those many directions
I studied the scriptures and took many teachings
But all I did get was the inevitable preachings
A clue that was meant to have it expose
That it's right here now in front of my nose
I focused the attention on where they said
It gave me a headache and ended in bed
I'm still searching for the illusive awareness
If I don't ever succeed I'll just claim unfairness

Relating while dating

What do we look for on the very first date
To find us a partner that's a suitable mate

Physical appearance or threads that are toney
Or interesting chatter without much baloney

If s/he Is funny it surely would matter
But not so crazy like Alice's hatter

I really like regular strokes of affection
Or hugs when its cold giving protection

After a snack shall we both split the check
Or leave it to chance and draw from a deck

You may like to kiss me at the end of the eve
But don't touch my privates you better believe

We'll know very soon if we have bonded
"You got mail" will mean s/he responded

Dear mind if I ask you some personal queries
And offer my views on relationship theories

Do you follow the holy commandments of ten
That restricts our behavior now and then

Would you react if I practiced Wicca
If you get ill you'll get better not sicker

Shall the male always be a dominant factor
And "stand by her man" and never reactor

Tell me what you like but I may not do it
Weird stuff like bondage I'll tell you to screw it

If I ever find out that you had sex with another
I might forgive it but send you to mother

We should discuss if we want to have any babies
Or just buy some animals without any rabies

The rest we will find out when living together
If we are in harmony to continue our tether

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