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7 Virtues for Self-Empowerment

5 Keys to Self-Empowerment

In this post we will discuss five fundamental keys for achieving greater self-empowerment.  Essential to this list are the 7 Virtues for Success and Happiness.  These include courage, moderation, wisdom, diligence, humanity, transcendence, and justice.

First let's introduce the five primary keys to self-empowerment.   

1. Understand how fears can hold you back

2. Use your core strengths and courage to move forward in life 

3. Utilize the 3 A’s of awareness, assessment, and action to make positive changes

4. Apply your strengths and courage in the physical, psychological, social, and environmental domains

5. Cultivate the 7 Virtues for Success and Happiness

Empowerment means to be in power, and to have the authority to act. When we are empowered we have the strength and ability to take action.  Self-empowerment requires us to utilize courage to overcome our fears.  

 By using our core strengths we can overcome the things that hold us back

and move forward in powerful ways.   

Using the 3 A's of awareness, assessment, and action we have a practical systematic method for creating change in our lives.  When we cultivate awareness we gain self-knowledge, as well as more understanding about people. Awareness also allows us to identify points of change and transformation, so that we can make positive shifts.  

When we are aware of our inner strengths and cultivate them,

we can establish a basis for living empowered lives.

Cultivating the seven virtues also provides an essential foundation for being confident and empowered. With wisdom we have knowledge and experience, while the virtue of humanity provides the heart of interacting with people in positive ways. To learn more about how the seven virtues can positively influence your life, and bring you greater success and happiness read more at 7 Virtues for Success.