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Is Horse Racing Compassionate?

  • Here in England. Horse Racing is big business. Our own Queen is a big fan of the sport. However, does the average person know just what goes on in this sport? For instance the equine death rate is unacceptable and the use of the whip on the animal is failing to be be brought under control. 
    There are measures in place to stop unnecessary use of the whip, but somehow the jockeys need to win and the greed for money is shadowing their common sense that an animal is being beaten around a race course often exhausted . 
    Imagine what this is like in human terms...you are running on a treadmill in the gym and need to stop because you are exhausted, you have an unnatural weight on your back and someone is hitting you hard to keep going. Does this sound shocking? .... This is what goes on in horse racing. 

    In 2017 alone there were 159 horse fatalities on British Racecourses alone. The details of these can be found on