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Meat Eating is not Compassionate

Why do Vegetarians/Vegans constantly get slated for pointing out that cruelty to animals is not good? To eat meat adds to the fact that millions of animals world wide are killed and tortured in the factory farming industry and this goes blindly unrecognised by the majority of people. 

Why should this not be said? Meat eaters are fond of saying that "it is everyone's personal choice" . 
This is true, it is a personal choice, but it does not make it correct. 

I think that most meat eaters know what goes on and the cruelty involved but they choose to ignore it as their love for their beef dinners is too strong a pull. I have questioned many and there response when faced with cruelty facts is "oh yes but what can we do" or "I couldn't do without my steaks". It comes down to choice and conscience, there are categories I believe associated with meat eaters. Where do you see yourself on the list below?:

Those who care but choose to ignore
Those who simply do not care at all
Those who care and would like to change but find it hard or pointless because of environment or society or health.
Those who think that if the animal was treated fairly through life (free range) then its ok
Those who think that it is correct to eat animals and it is the way it should be and there is nothing wrong if cruelty happens along the way.

Questions need to be asked of the conscience. Do you believe that is is right and compassionate to remove a lamb from its mother to eat it?  Only you can answer to how you feel about Empathy, Mercy, Compassion, Kindness and None Violence.

I feel that knowing the facts of what goes on in the Factory Farming Industry is the key to realisation.  I believe we should be taught where our food comes from and the facts behind it.  You would soon find that there would be more vegetarians and vegans out there after seeing the real truth.