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Wonder is a keenness of perception so acute that we forget our subjectivity, when we are so totally occupied by an object of perception that it seems to overflow its bounds. It differs from curiosity not in the magnitude of its object but in temporary dissolution of the self. When this self-forgetting doesn't take place, we experience dread. Anything can be an object of wonder, as it is not a quality of objects but a function of the mind. Very rarely does the same thing provoke wonder a second time, due to the interference of memory, which reminds us to ourselves - though the perception of a memory can serve as an object of wonder just as well as "external" phenomena.

The very stupidest people think wonder a sign of naivety, of unintelligence, whereas people of middling intelligence often think it constitutes the whole of it.

The danger of wonder is that, unmindful that perception precedes subjectivity, we mistake the intensity of phenomena perceived for reality, merely as we are made aware of the contingency of ego. For this reason, wonder is not a virtue, but often indicates the presence of or capacity for it.