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  • Apr 15
    Posted by JWWarr
    Wonder is a keenness of perception so acute that we forget our subjectivity, when we are so totally occupied by an object of perception that it seems to overflow its bounds. It differs from curiosity not in the magnitude of its object but in temporary dissolution of the self. When this self-forgetti...
  • Apr 14
    Posted by JWWarr
    For several years now, I've started my day by hitting the "random virtue" button on this website and, after a frighteningly large cup of instant coffee, taking a walk round the grounds of the old reformatory in the mountains by my home here in the Basque Country to reflect on the result. This mornin...
  • Apr 8
    Posted by Enchanted Grove
    Why do Vegetarians/Vegans constantly get slated for pointing out that cruelty to animals is not good? To eat meat adds to the fact that millions of animals world wide are killed and tortured in the factory farming industry and this goes blindly unrecognised by the majority of people. Why should...
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The Primacy of Consciousness

  • This video is worth studying. It helps challenge the atheist/materialistic doctrines: