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  • Wed at 5:52 PM
    Posted by ylq
    Language, as the name implies, is a discipline and a literary art. In our real life, language is everywhere, no matter where you can learn the language, I have learned the language in the game. day, I was bored with my little friends and I was going to play games. "Play one two three, wood man." Lu ...
  • Wed at 5:51 PM
    Posted by ylq
    June 16th is the Dragon Boat Festival. I took a motorcycle with my parents to go to the mountains far away from the city. All the way along the wind, the scenery is pleasant. However, there are unexpected events, just arrived at the mountainside, and the tires of the motorcycle suddenly collapsed. W...
  • Have you ever thought of your life in the context of the “Hero’s Journey.” This concept has been around for centuries and is found in most stories, epics, and myths but can also be applied to your personal psychology. For example, the Tarot, Numerology, and Astrology all make use o...
  • Apr 15
    Posted by JWWarr
    Wonder is a keenness of perception so acute that we forget our subjectivity, when we are so totally occupied by an object of perception that it seems to overflow its bounds. It differs from curiosity not in the magnitude of its object but in temporary dissolution of the self. When this self-forgetti...
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The Primacy of Consciousness

  • This video is worth studying. It helps challenge the atheist/materialistic doctrines: