The Value and Dangers of Humor

  • Humor can be a 2 edged sword. It can help lighten a situation, it can help make a point.

    Humor can also be used cruelly, to make unhealthy light of a serious subject such as other peoples suffering or even as an excuse to act badly and cause suffering. In debates humor can be used as a distraction technique.

    Can we take a joke or are we over-sensitive? Are we insensitive to the natural sensitivity of a situation?

    What is humor? Is humor in debates these days usually helpful or unhelpful? What is seriousness? What is frivolity?

    In what ways can healthy playfulness be a sign of wise maturity? Questions directdeepen awareness so to uplift humor we should question very deeply.

    There are so many possible negative and subliminal influences that may have affected the development of our humor. Should we be satisfied with any flaws in our humor caused by unnatural and unhealthy influences from society? No, let us uplift and heal our humor.

    Free it from corruption and hone it as a tool for good. Infuse it with all the virtues. This can be done via sincere prayer, contemplation and positive intent. Refrain from using frivolous humor to protect false belief and ego. Do not mock or laugh cruelly. Do not be over-sensitive when others make clumsy or cruel jokes. Instead use gentle healing humor or even shocking healthy humor sometimes to make a worthy point and lighten the atmosphere. Infuse your humor with love, light and life.


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  • JustDream
    JustDream I feel you are making a great point. I have been told I am funny but much has changed in my understanding too. As good for the being as laughter is it is not a friendly weapon. It is also the ones tying to be funny are most often the ones hurting inside.
    November 9, 2017