The Psychology Behind The Hero’s Journey

  • Have you ever thought of your life in the context of the “Hero’s Journey.” This concept has been around for centuries and is found in most stories, epics, and myths but can also be applied to your personal psychology. For example, the Tarot, Numerology, and Astrology all make use of the idea that you are on a journey of sorts in life. You are the protagonist or hero of your story and the personas and people you encounter in life are the other characters along the way.

    How to Find the Hero’s Journey in Tarot and Numerology

    So how does the Tarot make use of this concept? Carl Jung, the Swiss psychologist famous for developing the basis of modern-day analytical psychology, made use of something called archetypes. So, what are the archetypes? When it comes to your personal life’s journey the archetypes can be the people you encounter, but it can also represent different facets of yourself. As you go through each card of the major arcana of the Tarot you can see these parts of your psyche playing out. Each card has an image which represents a particular experience, persona, or crossroads you encounter in life.

    Numerology also makes use of these archetypes in its own way. Each number is said to have a particular vibration that corresponds to various meanings and significances. Within the system of Numerology, one is able to calculate a Destiny Number, Life Path Numbers, and other numbers symbolic of your personal psychology. You can read more about each number and different aspects of your personal Numerology here! These numbers are all signs of your personal life journey and can be seen in the unique combination found in your numbers.

    The Archetypes

    Joseph Campbell, has written extensively on mythology and the hero’s journey in his book The Hero with a Thousand Faces written in 1949. He goes into detail regarding the essence or soul that is contained in each person’s archetypal self. In the characters we all play out and the people we interact with throughout life. Certain images, symbols, and ideas associated with the various archetypes seem to resonate with people depending on their core psychology or personality.

    Discovering which archetypes you are operating closest to in your life, can help you define your own real life story. Some of these archetypes are the trickster, the hero, the mother, or the father to name a few. Each person has access to these basic ideas through what is called the collective unconscious; which can be thoughts of as a library of every memory, thought, or idea experienced by humans. Getting to know the basic archetypes can be very enlightening and enhance your experience with your personal Numerology, Astrological chart, or tarot card readings.

    Now What?

    Once you know the basic archetypes you will be able to shape them based on your own personal cultural contexts and interpretations. You have the power to shape your identity and write your own script. Many of these systems are interchangeable, allowing you to take a deeper look into yourself through the psychology behind the hero’s journey.