The Paranormal Industry

  • The Paranormal Industry

    Firstly, let me say that I do believe in Psychic powers and do have the utmost respect for genuine mediums.  I have visited many many people and done my own little detective work along the way and so for my findings I am writing this blog.  

    Unfortunately the majority of people in this profession are not what they claim. I do not say this without having spent £100's of pounds.  I have come across some wonderful people in the industry but very few... the majority have repeated phrases I have heard by so many of them.  For instance I have heard the phrase "There is someone with teeth in a glass at the side of the bed" more times than I care to remember.  

    I want people to be wary but fair.

    The money issue is a huge problem for me to get my head around with some of these so called "spiritual people".  Money seems to be the main goal rather than caring for the often vulnerable client.  

    The paranormal industry today is big business.  If questioned regarding often ridiculous prices you are often given answers such as “ I have to make a living” or “I do this full time”.  That's fine if you are a plumber or Gas Engineer but those people are not claiming to be deeply spiritual or you see where I am going with this?.... why charge such high prices when you are claiming to be a spiritual enlightened soul. In my opinion they are clearly not. 

    I know people need to make a living but my statement remains that the truly enlightened would not have the need in their heart to charge these fee's.  A livable wage would suffice.

     Is not the idea of being spiritual and enlightened  to have little regard for money and to think only of offering help to the vulnerable and needy in today's society regardless of being in wealth or poverty?

    As I say, I have had lot of experience visiting mediums and clairvoyants and I feel genuinely sorry for the genuine ones out there as they are swamped in their trade by people with no spirituality whatsoever.   

    Keep up the good work to the lovely people out there determined to share their gift and help to make a difference, for the rest of you in the profession clearly lining your bank at the expense of potentially vulnerable people... shame on



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    JustDream Hello Enchanted

    The key to what you say is INDUSTRY. To me industry is mothered by money. I heard a religious person explaining a good man who is tempted by money. Alone in a room with stacks of money and asked what they would do in the room with the...  more
    November 9, 2017
  • Enchanted
    Enchanted Yes it hurts me to think that money can turn peoples heads as it does. The genuine people out there are then questioned and doubted by people because of the dishonest ones. It is truly a shame.
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