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A Cafe Press Review

Cafe Press allows you to design and sell custom T-shirts and other merchandise right from their site. Here is a quick Cafe Press store that I made as an example: Online Store

Personally I was impressed with the online software that allows you to upload images and place them on the apparel/merchandice. I found that it takes time to become comfortable with how site works but it seems that the time would be well worth it for the right person.

Basic stores are free but you can upgrade if you want to go more professional.

Here are some examples of professional Cafe Press shops to give you an idea about what is possible:

As is so often the case you will find a range of personal views from very poor to very good:
A range of reviews from Epinions

So it is difficult to know what to believe. I suggest that if you like the sound of the general custom format and have some spare time then set up a free shop and experiment.

Explore the Alternatives
Explore these alternatives also: Vs Cafe Press, Vs Cafe Press and Vs Cafe Press

You are here: Index location Financial Freedom location A Cafe Press Review

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