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The Truth About Magick Spells, Everyone Has Magickal Abilities!

Mary E Jones Mary E Jones

Most people think that Magick Spells are something out of reach, or something just created in a fairy tale or novel, and doesn't really fit in today's world. Have you ever heard of the Law of Attraction? Well it works in much the same way.

Everyone has Magickal abilities. There is psychic Magick which is done with others through spiritual communication, and then there's energy Magick. Energy Magick is the ability to manipulate natural Magickal energy to produce change. Deity Magick is the requesting of a result while connected to divinity through ritual, prayer, or meditation.

You HAVE these abilities. They may be laying dormant because you haven't been using them, or they have been ignored. Just about anyone can learn to do Magick. People are Magickal beings with Magickal abilities.

Your mind can use the connection of your spirit to communicate with others psychically.

Your spirit can learn to do Magick, but you must want to learn it's Magickal abilities in order for it to become accustomed to the relationship between mind and spirit.

Once you sort through the complexities of the mind-spirit connection, the rest is simple and just takes practice. To communicate with the spirit, you must use sounds, images and other patterns, as the spirit does not relate to, or understand words.

Symbols and images are an extremely powerful way to communicate with the spirit. The spirit can be trained to recognize different Magickal tools along with sounds, patterns, and their use, with much needed practice.
Patterns are a series of images or actions the spirit can learn to relate to.

Magickal rituals use patterns that are easy for a spirit to recognize. This is how repetitive spells work as well as they do. This is also why Magickal ability must be studied and takes time to work out which patterns, images, and symbols work best for what you wish to accomplish.

The spirit has to be taught to identify these various patterns or images of choice so that it knows what actions to take. This is why visualization is so important. You can materialize what you want easier by visualizing it first. You probably already do this whether you realize it or not!

This is where the Law of Attraction comes into play. Everything you do, everything anyone does or is going to do, always starts with thought. We create everything that occurs, materializes or that is man-made from thought. We make choices, take actions, make decisions and carry out plans which all originate with thought. The last pair of shoes you purchased started off as just a thought.

Anyway the thing is, your mind is not alone in this, nor does it have to be. This is where the spirit comes in. We all dream about having more, getting it faster, bigger, prettier etc., so why not learn to do just that? Get to know your spirit and allow it to wake up to the reality of your mind!

Mary E Jones enjoys writing about the latest, and interesting things going on in our world today.

You are here: Home location Shamanism and Magick location Low Magick and High Magick
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