Heal Memory Affirmation Wheel

Enter Preparation Stage


This guided meditation is based on micro-commitments and powered by your sincerity.

The Preparation Stage
This stage shows positive messages designed to help get you in the right frame of mind. The messages will help heal and uplift your character and strengthen the natural virtues within you. The messages appear randomly and combine with the large list of virtues to create many thousands of positive affirmations. They will vary every time that you use the software
You can also choose a background ambient soundtrack and adjust the volume.

How to Use
Allow yourself to relax. Take note of any symbols in a positive light and try and read some of the positive affirmations which are constanty changing. As you are reading some consciously your subconscious will be taking in others. Do this for a few moments or extend the time to a longer session as you see fit.

The Affirmation Wheel
You will be presented with 5 sets of 5 carefully chosen statements. Read each one carefully and click if you agree with it and affirm it. When you click the statement it will be spoken by the software to add emphasis and audio memory to your affirmation. In between each of the 5 statements will be a positive quote, affirmation, question or virtue definition to contemplate for a few moments.

You can choose to do one round of 5 sets or more. If you get on well with the system then make it part of your daily routine.

Enter Preparation Stage