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  • Who am I?

    To think of who we are is a journey inward, to a vista of unique and polarizing ripples of self refection as felt and accepted as the essence and connecting fiber of o...  more
    Last post by JustDream - Nov 17
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  • It strikes me that some may associate the concept of 'virtue' with a 'Goody two-shoes' kind of personality and/or value-system. I think of any characteristic which functionally enh...  more
    Last post by davidsun - Nov 4
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  • I ran across this nifty (6 minute long) music-accompanied-text-presentation video when visiting YouTube to find links pertaining to cross species friendships and thought other migh...  more
    Last post by davidsun - Oct 2
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  • I need to work on my patience. It would be such a relief to peacefully wait without forever thinking of a future event. How about you? Reply soon! haha
    Last post by James Barton - Nov 4
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  • Ramana Maharishi is one of the most enlightened people of recent times in my opinion.  His self realisation book "Who am I" is well worth a listen or read.  Please see the attached...  more
    Last post by Enchanted Grove - Oct 11
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  • A deep respect for truth is a great aid for spiritual development. Do not over-estimate your current respect for truth. I advise many meditations, contemplations and inner exercise...  more
    Last post by davidsun - Nov 3
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  • What is the best way to heal character? I have a few ideas as per my short ebook 'Inner Medicine':
    but I am still investigating and resear...  more
    Last post by James Barton - Sep 19
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