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  • Native culture or evil cult?
    I feel it is good to have an open heart to others and their circumstance and understandings. This is taking into account the ignorance of some to way...  more
    Last post by James Barton - 2 hours ago
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  • The traditional Christmas dinner it seems is alive and well (pardon the pun)...but at what cost.  How many of us really know the truth of what goes on behind the scenes of the meat...  more
    Last post by Enchanted Grove - Nov 6
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  • Eating meat is a subject that most people do not want to address through basically wanting to ignore the facts.  The factory farming industry is rife with cruel practices and lies ...  more
    Last post by Enchanted Grove - Nov 12
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  • This charity seems very worthwhile: show your support if you agree. Anc...  more
    Last post by James Barton - Aug 13
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  • Let us start with a simple point: kindness towards animals means not confining them then killing and eating them. 
    Be wary of the bad meat eating habit and the false beliefs that...  more
    Last post by davidsun - Nov 8
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  • Spiritual and philosophical friends, how may we help prevent human trafficking?
    Please look into these evil activities and come up with solutions. What is the root cause of such ...  more
    Last post by James Barton - Aug 13
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