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  • I am happy to participate in this forum. I'm Skip Pulley. Please visit my website at skippullley.comFind Balance | Relieve Stress | Build Confidence Don't let this time of year get...  more
    Last post by James Barton - 1 hour ago
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  • Hello Everyone,Thanks for the invite James, wishing the forum well :)Blessings Everyone!
    Last post by James Barton - Oct 27
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  • To whom it may concern, I am still setting things up but have a look around and join up early if you want. Questions and comments appreciated.
    Last post by James Barton - Aug 12
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  • Hi, I am James Barton, founder of VirtueScience and author of 'Inner Medicine' a short book containing my discoveries on the virtues and character along with practical inner exerci...  more
    Last post by davidsun - Oct 17
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  • If you like, post a few of your favorite music videos in this thread. Feel free to comment on your own and other people's selections. 
    Last post by James Barton - Sep 9
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