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Ramana Maharishi

  • Ramana Maharishi is one of the most enlightened people of recent times in my opinion.  His self realisation book "Who am I" is well worth a listen or read.  Please see the attached video, I would be interested in your views on this
    August 28, 2017 3:00 PM PDT
  • What he says reminded me of a quoted translation of a passage from one of the Vedas which I ran across (I didn't register where, as what is said in the quote was my only interest):

    "Not that which the eye can see, but that whereby the eye can see: know that to be Brahman the eternal, and not what people here adore;
    Not that which the ear can hear, but that whereby the ear can hear: know that to be Brahman the eternal, and not what people here adore;
    Not that which speech can illuminate, but that by which speech can be illuminated: know that to be Brahman the eternal, and not what people here adore;
    Not that which the mind can think, but that whereby the mind can think: know that to be Brahman the eternal, and not what people here adore."

    I resonate with this. However, though I can 'see' the value of the Maharashi's 'path', I myself am traveling on one that is in many ways the opposite to the "Neti, Neti" i.e. (I am) "Not this, and (I am) Not that" way  which he has chosen and advocates - it is the 'path' of engagement not disengagement - the 'path' of I am (i.e.LIFE IS!) all things, mind and spirit, seeing and hearing and speaking and touching, being related to and relationally responding.  I am 'this' and I am 'that' and all things are 'Me'. I am 'the Son' (multi-modal/multiplistic Creation) that is 'one' with' the Father' (the singular Creator - which, in Essence, is LIFE Itself).

    Curiously, I was born and grew up (of mixed British-Indian parentage) in the town of Salem which is geographically located in Tamilnadu, fairly close
    to Tiruvannamalai which was the Maharishi's abode. Tiru = sacred, divine/divinity; malai = hill; Tiruvannamalai = hill where divinity abides. :)


    rejected traditional 'Hindu' philosophy because I 'saw' it as being too 'avoidant' or 'escapist', not actively (not sufficiently at least, on my value scale) engaging with (Creatively!) 'making' 'the world', 'society', etc. 'better' - i.e. more love-and-joy productive. It is way too 'passive' a response to our existential predicament/opportunity for me to fully embrace. Not that I don't resonate with much of the wisdom 'contained' therein, just that I think there's much more to LIFE than it 'address'es. I also rejected traditional 'Christian' philosophy as well, BTW, but that is another 'story'.

    That is a dead (killed?) animal's skin he is sitting on (owwiee!), as prescribed in certain Hindu 'scriptures' BTW.

    From Ch. 6 of The Bhagavad Gita:

    "Let the student of spirituality try unceasingly to concentrate his mind; Let him live in seclusion, absolutely alone, with mind and personality controlled, free from desire and without possessions.

    Having chosen a holy place, let him sit in a firm posture on a seat, neither too high nor too low, and covered with a grass mat, a deer skin and a cloth.

    Seated thus, his mind concentrated, its functions controlled and his senses governed, let him practise meditation for the purification of his lower nature.

    Let him hold body, head and neck erect, motionless and steady; let him look fixedly at the tip of his nose, turning neither to the right nor to the left.

    With peace in his heart and nor fear, observing the vow of celibacy, with mind controlled and fixed on Me, let the student lose himself in contemplation of Me."

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    October 9, 2017 3:38 PM PDT
  • Hi David

    Thanks for your comment.  I am happy to hear different opinions on the subject of self realisation.  It is something that interests me.  I agree it is not ideal that Ramana sits on an animal skin although I dont believe he feels 'he'is there.

    I would like to share with you my thoughts on the what I believe of the true nature.  This is purely my opinion:

    I will use an example of a glass of water to explain how I feel about the spiritual character. I believe that our true nature is pure and I will use the example as likened to a pure crystal clear glass of pure water. 

    Various levels of human character can have a cloudy or more diluted glass of water as representations to their spiritual development. I will try to explain: 
    A truly enlightened person will be the shiny crystal clear glass of mountain spring water.
    A murderer will be a muddy glass of water. 
    A thief will be a heavily cloudy glass of water. 
    The majority of us are just slightly diluted :) 

    My point is, that the pure clean glass of water is and was always there ........for all the characters mentioned. 
    If all the glasses were suddenly filtered out, then the true pure water remains, the original, the start. 
    Now, the reason the waters became tainted in the first place could be down to many many factors, environment, experiences, influential beings, past lives, the list is endless....but when all this is stripped away that pure glass of water remains....

    So how does one break the cycle and clear their water, I would say self realisation that this is so, study, forgiveness, giving up false beliefs, meditation, knowledge of all action, kindness and compassion to all beings. There are many many ways....

    Maybe you see before you in your life a thief...understand that their cup in life is not as clear as yours, it does not mean they would not save an animal or person...so the goodness is there. 
    Their own clear glass will come, and on their spiritual journey that they are probably not aware of.. they have met you....who has forgiven them and shown kindness.

    A step closer to both 'clear glasses'.

    Please remember that clear glass of water. This is the true nature, it has always been there..... it is the reason that I forgive.

    Again, this is my opinion and I do not claim to have all the answers, I like to listen and learn.  I do however have very strong intuition for right and wrong but I have a lot to learn in my life yet 

    Best wishes 
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