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What Virtue Do You Need to Work on Most?

  • I need to work on my patience. It would be such a relief to peacefully wait without forever thinking of a future event. How about you? Reply soon! haha
    Curiosity is a virtue
      September 9, 2017 4:15 AM PDT
  • Hello Tom - nice to meet one such as you.

    On reading your OP, it occurred to me to ask you about the nature of the un-peace-full-ness you mention because a certain amount or kind of 'excitation' can be a 'good' (therefore desirable) thing. Also, about the quality of your 'future event' kind of thinking, because a certain amount or kind of projecting a 'desired' future may also be positively efficaceous.

    To further alert you to things which may be worth considering in the above regards as you compose your response, here is an excerpt from the book I wrote which touches on the same points:

    Continued progress … is ‘in the works’—good reason, on occasion, to rejoice and celebrate. We will be able to do so all the more if we are careful not to succumb to either of the next discussed temptations which often sabotage creative process.

     One hazard lies in allowing optimism to lull us into taking benevolent eventuality for granted. I caution you, and urge you to caution others, against passively awaiting good fate. Many tributaries of Intelligence, whole civilizations even, have been lost in the shuffle because those at their forefront were either too personally complacent or insufficiently dedicated to the development of others around them. Even when headway has been made, if flow isn’t adequately maintained, streams can end up just soaking into the ground and drying up completely. It is vital that each of us help to keep creative developments going, or they could just ‘peter out’; and who knows how much time and trouble it would take for another cosmic outpouring to once again reach our present point on its way to earthly Life’s supernal ultimacy?

    The other danger is quite the opposite—lack of faith in Life’s positive disposition can lead us to be rash. For progress to be optimal, a certain amount of patience and judicious exercise of restraint are also necessary. Creativity has been severely impeded in the past, and could be again, by devastation caused by people in too much of a hurry. Important as it is that we capitalize on prior developments and energetically respond to current crises, it is equally important that such capitalization be careful rather than all-consuming, and that our initiatives in relation to others be measured and balanced, not disruptive of positive possibility.

    In such spirit, we best attend to the task at hand. The time has come for our species to move past childhood and adolescence. We are so many, have developed such power, and everywhere face such vital issues—now in particular, it is essential that, on a broad scale, we mature in the exercise of adult response-ability.

      September 19, 2017 9:33 AM PDT