Simultaneous Attack and Defense

  • Hi everyone, I am researching martial art/self defense moves which are simultaneously attacking and defending.

    Do you have any insights/info on this? Which martial art focuses on this tactic the best?

    Both these videos are Wing Chun based:


    This video seems to focus more on the potential short comings of the 2 handed variations:

    which are a start but not exactly what I am looking for.

    I have also heard that original Okinawan Karate employs simultaneous attack and defense moves in real combat. Any other martial art that has gone indepth with this?

    I love to put things into categories to help me understand them and to make sure I have not missed anything. So when considering simultaneous attack and defense moves I separate one arm techniques from the 2 handed variations. So now we have narrowed down the category we can ask questions such as: how many such one armed attack and defense moves are there? I have discovered a few myself and am working on more and to refine the ones I am already aware of.

    I think the one handed category is better than using both hands (ie one attack whilst the other defends) because by using only one hand for the tactic we have the other hand free ready for another attack/defense.

    Theoretically these kind of attacks are conceptually/tactically superior than defending and then attacking as the simultaneous method is faster and more efficient. 

    When discovering new moves it is important not to discard them too quickly. Some moves which may initially seem weak or otherwise problematic need a lot of training and lots of little slight modifications before they can be judged fairly. By discarding a move too quickly we risk losing something that with a little work could become amazing and also lead onto more discoveries.

    Please share your views on this topic, cheers.