Ancient Pyramids

  • When I was a child I thought that ancient pyramids where exclusively of Egyptian origin.

    Now I realize that that there are many pyramid structures around the world in places like China and maybe even in Europe although some of these claims have a question mark over them.

    Personally I am a believer in sacred geometry and 'shape power' and am open minded about many possibilities.

    I would be interested in your theories on the nature and purpose of the ancient pyramids.

    Many Thanks, James




  • my understanding/belief is that there are lots and lots of pyramids, and other equally stunning megaliths that are hidden. 

    some are hidden by the effects (sediment, etc.) of the great flood.  i think there was a one great flood in the last fifteen thousand years, and this is what it was. 

    the earth during the satya yuga developed a bubble of water barrier.  this bubble happened thru a combination of engineering that included a type of agriculture similar to permaculture.  the water in the bubble was so vast that almost all of the earths oceans were gone.  a lot of the water was also soaked into the topsoil of which there was so much more of an abundance.  all the continents coasts touched each other.  the sun wasn seen as clearly as it is now, and life expency was vastly longer due to the filtering of the sun.  anyway, then the water barrier was punctured and for what seemed like forty days and forty nights water gushed from the sky all over the earth leaving most of the megaliths hidden under either water or sediment or the ice that developed when the heat escaped without the blanket of water.

    of course, i could be wrong.