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The Magic Hexagon

  • The Magic Hexagon is a fascinating 'mathematical artifact'. It adds up to 38 in every direction. In other words every straight line of hexagons adds up to the value of 38. Apart from n=1, this hexagon (n=3) is the only such magic hexagon from the infinite number of larger and larger hexagon patterns.


    Of course there are rotations and reflections of this pattern but they are still the same unique pattern just displayed in a different way. Remember that this pattern is not a man created concept but an eternal transcendental pattern that can be discovered. It was not created by any god nor big bang. Rather it transcends time and space and main contain much esoteric and mystic meaning.

    Interesting that the number 5 is central just as in the magic square of 3.

    The number 19 is very significant. Here is a link to a list of properties for the number 19:

    I have some more work on this not yet online. Still investigating the magic hexagon number pattern looking for esoteric and mathematical meanings.

    Please share your insights/knowledge, comments and questions on this topic.

    Many Thanks



    November 7, 2017 5:32 AM PST