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About the 'Debate the Truth' Forum

  • This Forum is especially for those passionate about the truth and are willing to debate it. Whist each individual should be respected: beliefs can and should be challenged. 

    Showing someone where their belief is contradictory/in error is an act of compassion. 

    To get the best use out of this Forum we should be humble and somewhat open minded so that we can at least entertain the idea other viewpoints may be currently more accurate than our own.

    Be patient with those who you explaining your points, evidence and examples to but on the other hand it is alright to point out if they are ignoring or otherwise dodging. Patience is needed on both sides as it can take time to find a shared terminology and agreed upon definitions.

    Those who have debated with people in the past are aware of the many slippery distraction tactics that people use to avoid what they may (consciously or deep down) consider as defeat in an argument. Actually we benefit greatly if we are helped to a more accurate view of Reality though we may have to let go of a long cherished belief.

    Is it useful to have so many defense tactics to protect our belief systems? Truth is solid and does not need to hide from fierce debate just as gold is only purified in fire.

    How many of us has to some extent a kind of 'resistance to truth' within us? Does ignorance seek it's own continued existence?

    let us deepen our understanding of logic and the logical fallacies which may hinder mutual understanding: 


    Truth is truth.. "Reality is one, though wise men speak of it variously."

    Please study the parable of the blind men and an elephant:

    Yes, there can be multiple viewpoints on the same one and only Reality and those viewpoints can all be true.

    However all beliefs are not equal. A false belief believed to be true by someone from their viewpoint is not the actual truth. Rather they are living in a delusion.

    False beliefs can be harmful. Beliefs, at a very abstract level, may seem harmless yet they filter down to cause mental, emotional and physical imbalances also. Very evil and harmful beliefs find their root in minds that are in error over apparently harmless but more general principles and concepts. Subtle false beliefs and imbalances on elemental subjects can bring forth countless false beliefs at a more concrete level. 

    If the root has a problem the trunk, branches, twigs, leaves, blossoms and fruit will not be healthy either. 

    By resolving problems in the root, the rest of the tree will be healed also.

    Let us not be satisfied with agreeing to disagree but instead employ a healthy Curiosity and strive for the Truth!





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