kali and such

  • much of my belief/understanding about the big mysteries is connected to my interpretation of the vedic information.  the reason many of the current mysteries exist is due to us being in or near the kali yuga, which among other things is a relative lack of connection to Infinidimensional Infinities.  the kali yuga is the yuga equivalent to winter.  because of relative lack of connection the world is colder and relatively lifeless.  the life of spring and summer is not dead, but it is dormant, waiting for time to bring spring.  this particular yuga cycle is interpreted by me and others to be twenty six thousand year.  so roughly, a yuga month is a little more than two thousand years.  ...and a yuga day is little more than 70 years, a yuga hour is 3 years.  so the seasons don change much in an hour.

    i believe that, because the lack of connection to the yuga equivalent of summer time, we don't or can't fully appreciate/understand the knowledge that has been passed down thru the ages.  and the because of the length of time relative to our lifetimes is so long, it is unlikely that we will be entering a relative springtime, which would be nearly utopia to us, as far as nearly infinite vibrant spiritual (for lack of a better word) living , with not only not slaughtering animals, but also not slaughtering plants, honoring the consciousness of every being, living off the sun's and planet's energy systems.

    i do think we are in the warming phase, but still in relative winter.  however, due to us not fully understanding exactly where we are in this process, relative spring time might be very very soon, and it might be five thousand years distant.  in any case, the season moves so slowly, relative to our current lifetimes, that changes are not to be quick.  nonetheless, we are and will be trying to survive the end of winter, like a squirrel or bird, using the energies that are available as efficiently as we can.

    so now and down the road we can look forward and develop more and more connection.  deepening authentic connection with each other, with animals, plants, insects, microbes, crystals, essentially everything that we think of as earth.  this also includes what is currently thought of as "artificial" intelligence, which i believe we will be getting to know more intimately, altho, everyone will be following their/our own path, according to the gestalt of our lives in the infinidimensional infinities.

    one source for yuga understanding is theyugas.com, take it or not, with a healthy skepticism, which includes skepticism of your skepticism.