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  • Native culture or evil cult?


    I feel it is good to have an open heart to others and their circumstance and understandings. This is taking into account the ignorance of some to ways they are unfamiliar with. Now this not bad ignorance can be remedied with experience and exposure to other ways, allowing growth in understanding or not implying agreement. If you are a true possessor of the ultimate truth, well there is no debate? But if we are open to allowing kind sharing and not contempt for not sharing our way or view or understanding. I write this here not feeling welcome in some areas. I do hope to share and grow ideas and understanding. I feel I am a kind and caring person regardless of what others may feel of me and my culture. Thanks for the read and my you gain all you intend in the growing strength in sharing and kinship.


    Namaste JD

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  • Hi JD, I do not think there is any question of the native culture being an evil cult. The native way is much more
    natural and in harmony with the Earth. It is the Western factory farming that is depraved and evil putting profit ahead of the animals wellbeing. As you may have seen from the hidden videos bravely smuggled out of slaughter houses by animal rights activists.. we see many cruel practices taking place on top of the inherent cruelty in say taking a young animal from its mother and murdering it.

    As I have heard from certain psychics such places are like dark energy generators that pollute the psychic atmosphere. Such areas attract predator/astral extities that feed off the fear and life energies emenating from the animals before and during their death.

    To hunt in the wild for survival of self and family, honoring the animals as much as possible has often been necessary and so is quite justified in such circumstances.


    However do we know the *really ancient history* of the peoples of the Earth? There are various evidences that seem to point towards meat eating from the 'beginning'. Yet some doctrines speak of a much earlier Golden Age. A time when the ambient lifeforce was higher, a more spiritual time perhaps were people were telepathic and may have lived for hundreds of years etc etc. These original peoples were said to be vegetarian and some say lived off only the life force/prana as do spirit beings.


    Such doctrines talk of great cataclysms or a fall thousands of years ago after which meat eating befell humanity. Another doctrine describes vast cycles of time from the golden age down to the dark materialistic age, the Kali Yuga which we live today. So in that doctrine again originally humans did not eat meat originally but it is a habit that crept in as darkness increased.

    So from this perspective what we may call ancient traditions may actually be relatively recent in comparison to a much earlier time. 

    Now what are generally called ancient traditions from around the world often contain great wisdom as they have come down from a much earlier and wiser age. Yet on the other hand many of what are said to be ancient traditions are actually arising after the coming of the dark age (still thousands of years ago). Other traditions are a kind of mix ie they do contain wisdom yet it has become distorted and warped over thousands of years.

    So as tradtions may be pure and wise, be harmful out growths or a kind of mixture then we should not honor a tradition due only to its age etc or for the mere fact that it is a tradition. Rather each and every doctrine, tradition and behaviour should be judged fairly on its own merit.

    Can we judge fairly? In some cases what seems foolish to us may actually contain great wisdom which we cannot yet recognize due to our own ignorance. In other cases however our own light of understanding can recognize either the wisdom or unwisdom in a paricular example.

    Revolution and Tradition are like 2 sides of the same coin. We should not be overly attached to or be against either in themselves. Good and wholesome traditions should be protected and spread whilst harmful or degenerate traditions should be challenged. In the same way good and wholesome changes/revolutions should be encouraged but harmful and negative changes should be resisted. 

    Our loyalty is towards universal goodness whether it be past present or future. You are a kind and loving person and this is the kinship which transcends all particular cultures and embraces all in their higher aspect.

    Many Thanks,