• Thanks James


    It is good to see self defenses being encouraged and guided. I feel all who are able and of the heart to defend ought to. While I don’t think aggression or force is the way to thrive, it is at times necessary to survive. So many people are walking in harms way thinking their cell phone will save them or a strong debate. Their are always going to be the sociopaths and reason never reins. Again thanks for the forum and efforts put in.


    Namaste JD

  • Thanks JD, I appreciate your contributions to the forums. I agree we should be prepared too defend ourselves or others. I reccomend even those who consider themselves complete pacifists to at least train in evasion and blocking for example. I also argue that great skill can defeat someone without injuring them. Greater mastery equals greater control. We must keep our motives pure and only fight when necessary. My motto is that good people should become more powerful and powerful people should become more good. Namaste JB