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 Native Sustenance in Natural Settings

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    November 20, 2017 8:07 PM PST

    Native Sustenance in Natural Settings.


    With all the attention going to health, both physical and spiritual we need too the serenity for discernment. This is without preconceived ideals and wanted answers of a specific form. It is the true diffusion of life is necessary to spread and share the knowing. In my native culture we are taught to respect and revere all as living and of spirit and will. This is the water the air the earth the stars, all sharing of our being. We sustain and foster the knowing as we meld together to become more. We are show to live through being of nature, We do not posses the land, for it is life, We are children of the land, bared forth of it’s precocious womb. We do not attack the land for profit or game. When we suckle of the bounty it is knowing we become more attuned to the health and wellbeing of the earth. When the spirit of life is abused and exploited it will effect all it shares with.


    There are many kinds of being that make growth possible in all directions. Many shaman gain and share knowledge of the sustenance in their region through its consumption. Much like gaining resistance from eating local honey, it is made of the land an with it’s knowledge. Many visions are found in the open sharing of life essence. There is a natural bond in living in harmony with the land. As we can not own the land, we too can not own the air, or the water or the flora and fauna. Our acceptance of the spirits within all, is needed to connect and celebrate through more growth and awareness. The native ideal was more that of a steward and guardian to the land. While the natives hunted the buffalo with a sacred kinship of spirit. This was decimated by the greed of the so called helper of progress, self righteous mother money. By redirecting focus from a way of living to a pursuit of false profits. From any period in recorded we find devastation in the wake of becoming civilized. While they may want to through their book at me for implying we are no better then a worm and are equal with the sky.


    There are those who have an understanding they live by and others have a book or authority they live by. Beings of all forms will keep the circle of life growing, through adaptation of their environment. We in the form of man, want to relate all to our way of being. The civilized (sterilized) way is that of the book and authority above you. This is not to say there is not intellectual potential in books and doctrine. It is good to have guidance and reference to add in our growth and comprehension. As a citizen your will and comprehension are unwanted and unnecessary as long as you fallow the party line. Or if you are a slave of this society, you have no right at all. Such systems brought the right to testify, only if you had the testicles to be put as collateral, to be forfeit if you are found bearing false witness. Slaves were forcibly castrated disallowing testimony. But if you drive in a wight out and navigate by fallowing the tracks left by those who came before you can be a gamble. For if they went in the ditch, you will be soon to fallow. In trying to find reference to any indigenous tribe or culture that was only vegan, I found. Our way of being allows only that understanding. This is to check my perspective of our ways and understanding. The only one found that may be, was from a PETA link provided below. “The Brokpa tribe of Ladakh, for example, has thrived eating vegan for more than 5,000 years – all while living in harsh Himalayan terrain.” I do wonder to the term “thrived” used, it is not an open culture and give little interaction. If they are vegan that is fine by me, if it is their choice and not imposed. I can on the other hand find many more examples of healthy tribes who eat wild or free fostered meat. There are many who have lied very healthy and harmonious lives of nature, until being civilized.


    Reflecting to our treatment of life other then men. To assume all other forms think and value the same as us is lacking the benefits their spectrum of consciousness, that we are yet to be attuned to. I give full credit to all of the knowing beyond my present scope. My understanding is that the spirit and knowledge is on all forms, unique to the path they are on in the never ending cycles of expressions. Make no slaves of any form! Why would you feel the need to neuterer or spade or inhibit life? Is it done to make a better behaved pet? All in their best interests, or the civil interests? We are meant to live life not manage or control it. I am of the Heida (Pacific West coast) and Simpcw First Nation (North Thompson Indians). Here we have an example in the Heida culture in need of growth from it’s past too. They were well known as waring raiders and slavers. They were known from Alaska to Mexico. The rare slaves would be adopted into the tribe but lower in status. With the Heida at was a show of strength, more then worth. In any light I see by, it is wrong to make slaves of any form, be it for food, labor or lust. So as proud as I am of my heritage and culture, I am bid welcome to needed change and growth. Wanting for a community that can foster an environment of benevolent motives is my dream. Live for the love of life and it’s cyclical celebration of creation.



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    Namaste JD

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