The Importance of the Virtues

  • All the countless problems in the world have their root in the character of individuals. If we just tackle the branches of evil but ignore the root cause then the branches will keep growing back. The study of character then is of prime importance. What are the virtues and vices? How many are there? How can character be uplifted? These and many more are vital questions. In my own studies I have found satisfactory answers but there is more to learn.

    In the realm of debates and discussions and in peoples personal search for truth there are a lot of unnecessary blocks caused by character flaws. Due to character flaws there is a harmful resistance to truth. The worse the character flaws the more likely are false beliefs to spring up and mislead people, obscuring truth.

    Some people may cling to false beliefs due to false loyalty/attachment, laziness, lack of healthy curiosity, arrogance or cowardice. 

    Maybe it is challenging to workout and understand the deepest truths and finally resolve long standing debates. However if we can at least reduce the distortions and truth resistances caused by the vices/character flaws then we can have a clearer and easier time of it.

    If our character cannot be healed then the study of character and the virtues is not of so much value. However if our character can be healed then the study of character and the virtues is of vital importance. Imagine if we could come up with some virtue boosting techniques and they went viral, spreading around the world. As flawed character is the root cause of the countless problems by resolving character issues in many people would beneficially transform the whole world/uplift humanity.

    Due to the removal of the resistances to truth the many varied belief systems would begin to purify. 

    The virtues are like a unifying bridge that all the varying religions and philosophies have some respect for and value.