Hi from James

  • Hi, I am James Barton, author of Inner Medicine and founder of the VirtueScience philosophy. I consider myself an independent Truth seeker. Although I have a wide range of interests I am focusing the site now on character and the virtues. Looking forward to having some interesting conversations with you and working together to help the subject progress.

  • Thank You for building this website and this forum. Virtues are totally underrated... and they are sooooo important for our life and also for our success!!!

  • Thanks Doc. I agree, the virtues are fundamental. I hope that you offer some constructive criticisms to my ideas on the virtues outlined here: https://www.VirtueScience.com/v-intro.html From my view it seems that there are some useful insights there but there is a more work for us to do to help improve the system. Cheers, James
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