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Welcome! I recommend that you focus on the Heal Character topic first. By enhancing and boosting your natural positive qualities you will make the other changes that you want easier.

Tip: Allow yourself to be receptive to the positive affirmations. When you read an affirmation, read it consciously and confirm it within. When you click "I affirm" do it with conviction.

The Affirmation Circle

The Affirmations Circles are the simplest and most focused approach that we offer. It is designed to help you focus on one positive affirmation at a time. Here are the current Affirmation Circles available to members:

The Affirmation Stack

The Affirmation Stacks employ many random elements and layers of positive affirmation to help produce beneficial changes and keep the experience fresh. Here are the current Affirmation Stacks available to members:

The Affirmation Wheel

The Affirmation wheels are more complex and take me longer for me to create. Here are the current Affirmation Wheels available to members:

Life Changing Books by James Joseph Barton

Inner Medicine PDF

Heal Your character. Boost your positive qualities
Opportunity Magnet 101 PDF

Attract and make best use of Golden opportunities.
TSQ (Truth Seeking Quotient) PDF

Heal your relationship with truth. Free yourself from indoctrination.
5 Modules on Reality PDF

Deepen your understanding of reality. A profound Philosophy. Evidence for an afterlife?! Transform your world view
108 Techniques for Inner Healing PDF

some great meditations

The Living Archive

Here are the articles and resources from my old website. I am updating, improving and adding to them on a continual basis.
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Character Improvement

"Inner Medicine" | A Critique of "Inner Medicine" by the Author | Is VirtueScience compatible with your Beliefs? | Why Study the Virtues? | Is there a Foundation Virtue? | Principles | The Famous Pooltable Example | The Virtues and Vices: Natural Processes | The Book of Virtue | Virtue List | Vice List | Randomly Generated Virtue Pairs | Virtues and Vices: Various Correspondences | Virtues of various traditions categorized by number | Vices of various traditions categorized by number | The Virtues and Vices: A VirtueScience Table | The Virtues: Various Traditions | Sayings and Proverbs | Quotes Ancient and Modern Regarding Virtue | Contemplation and Application of the Golden Rule | One Page Questionaire about Character Improvement | Character Improvement Questionaire Results | 108 Techniques for Inner Healing and Personal Power | Emotional Healing Meditations: 1 2 3 4 5 | 1008 Virtue Meditations | A Commentary on the 1008 Virtue Meditations | Randomly Generated Virtue Pairs | Public Domain | Nicomachean Ethics | Moral Science: A Compendium of Ethics | Character | External Links | Virtue Related links

Financial Freedom

Are Your Vices Costing You Money? | Redundant Vows and their Effect on Financial Security | False Needs, False Wants | FindMyFiver.com | Public Domain | Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill | The Art of Money Getting by P. T. Barnum (Phineas Taylor), 1810-1891 | How to Get on in the World by Major A.R. Calhoon

Spiritual Development

Nondual Vedanta of Kashmir | The Art of Venn | Spiritual Stories | VirtueScience and Nonduality | A Ramana Dream | The Virtues and Enlightenment | The Middle Path | The Golden Rule | Public Domain | The Upanishads | CLAIRVOYANCE and Occult Powers | The Roots of Good and Evil | Related Pages | Gurus, Guides and God Beings | External Links | Advaita Links

Guides Gurus and God Beings

Notable Women | I Am the One and Only | External Links | Websites containing Lists of Gurus etc | Genius Links

The Esoteric Section

The Hebrew Alphabet: Its Inner Structure | The Magic Hexagon of the 19 Permutations | An Overview of the 7 Diagrams | Secrets of the Menorah | An Atlantean Diagram? | The Tetrahedron and the 5 Elements | The Sepher Yetzirah: an Original Interpretation | Profound Secrets of the Dodecahedron | The Tree of Life and the Four levels of Geometric Complexity | Speculations on the Tree of Life | Commentaries on the Tetragrammaton | The Chemical Elements | Pi in other Bases | Pascal's Triangle: Key to the Mysteries | Pascal's Triangle and Combinatorics | VirtueScience Mathematics | n-Dimensional Polytopes | Some thoughts on Number | Partition Theory | The n-dimensional Simplexes and Pascal's Triangle | The Simplexes | The Integer | Hyper Cubes and Combinatorics | The Undifferentiated Tao | The 3 Trinary Permutations | The 9 Trinary Permutations | The 27 Trinary Permutations | The Cube and Base 3 | The transformation between base 3 and base 2 | The 4 Binary Permutations | The 16 Binary Permutations | Is there a Pattern in the Prime Factors? | An Alternative to the 16 Geomantic Figures | The 64 Binary Permutations | Esoteric Links Page

Shamanism and Magick

Real Psychic Protection | Parasitic Entities | Beware of Channeled Material | The Magick Powers Trap | Magnifying Intent | Public Domain How to Read the Crystal or, Crystal and Seer by Sepharial External Links Shamanism Links


The Lucid Dream Computer | Cyber Shamanism | Yantra Goggles | Possible Futures for Music External Links | CyberShamanism Links

Gemstone Therapy

Gemstones and Public Buildings | Gemstones and Character Improvement | Other Materials | Gemstones and Chemical Elements | Optimizing Gemstones | Permutational-Gemstone Therapy | Without Gemstones | Natural Vs Synthetic Gemstones | Gemstone Enhanced Herbs | Determining Gemstone Effects | Purifying Gemstone Vibrations | Gemstones and Saced Places | Resources | Gemstone Therapy Links | Random Gemstone

Universal Tactics/Self Defence

Universal Tactics | Universal Veiling Techniques | A New Martial Art called "Shhhhh" | 2max: A Game of Survival | Permutational Moves in the Martial Arts | The 16 postures Martial Art | Martial Gain | Zero Friction Training | Silhouette Fighting | Weapons | Targets | The One Touch Principle | Why Attacked? | Effects On Enemy | Why Retreat? | Why Advance? | Orientation Limits and Agility | Tower Defence | Public Domain | The Tao Te Ching | The Art of War by Sun Tzu | The Five Rings by Miyamoto Musashi | The Prince by Nicolo Machiavelli | External Links | Self Defence Links | Survival Links

Mysteries of the World

Spring Heeled Jack | The Lam Entity | The Mothman | The Lock Ness Monster | The Kraken | The Yeti | The Chupacabra | The Mongolian Death Worm | Kongamoto | The "Exchange of Souls" | Case of the Hacker | Case of the Chinese Rocket | The Tunguska Event | The Roanoke Island Mystery | A Shape Shifting Artifact | Siribhoovalaya: Book of Books | Case of the Grooved Spheres | Case of the Dropa Stones | Ica Stones | Case of the Baghdad Battery | Mystery of the Antikythera Mechanism | Case of the Coso Artifact | Mystery of the Crystal Skulls | The Holy Grail | The Salzburg Cube | The Morrisonville Enigma | The Spear of Destiny | Case of the Nasca Lines | Mystery of the Coral Castle | The Stone Henge Mystery | The Devils Tower Mystery | The Great Pyramid | The Easter Island Heads | Public Domain | From the Caves and Jungles of Hindostan | External Links | Websites About Unexplained Mysteries

Database of Number Correlations

Random Number | The Ordering of Phenomena | Numbers and Synchronicity | Number Sayings | Number Laws | Number Types | Centered Polygonal Numbers | Polygonal Numbers | Prime Factor Calculator | Prime Factors | Primes | Pi in Other Bases | Number Partitions | The Platonic Solids | Archimedean Solids | Multi-Polygonal Numbers | Polytopes | Physics | Chemical Elements | Stable Isotopes | Numbers Related to Vegetation | Numbers Related to Animals | Numbers Related to the Human Body | Virtues arranged by Number | Vices arranged by Number | Numbers Related to Kabbalah | Books with Numbers in the Title | Films with Numbers in the Title | Songs with Numbers in the Title | Numbers Related to Games and Sport | General Number Trivia | Astrological Events | Geological Events | Spiritual Events | Occult Events | Political Events | External Links |Links to sites with Number Databases

Conceptual Science

The Coming Age of Concepts | The Origin of Meaning | The Universal Conceptual Matrix | The Next Generation of Messageboads | Conceptual Systems | Indra's Net | Conceptual Phonetics | Concepts are Containers | Universal Laws | Logical Fallacies | Basic Steps Towards Conceptual Organization | Deep Musings into Conceptual Science | Public Domain | The Jericho Road by W. Bion Adkins | Pythagoras and the Mathesis of Chaos | The Calculus of Logic by George Boole | External Links | Links related to Conceptual Science

The Human Body

Diet | Esoteric Diet | Diet: Exoteric and Esoteric | Breatharianism | Nutrition: The Properties of Minerals and Vitamins | A Fresh Look at Mantra Yoga | Neo Hatha Yoga | Prehistoric Yoga | Ban Pethidine | Related Pages | Numbers and the Human Body | External Links | Yoga Links | Tai Chi Links

Scientific Theories

The Universal Frequency Triangle | Physics and Continual Creation | Is the Universe 2-Dimensional? | A Fresh Look at the Chemical Elements | Public Domain | Flatland | External Links | Science Theory Links

Healing Society

The Excalibur Project: Enhanced Democracy | The Global Mind Initiative | Mass Belief Systems and the Global Mind | Health Care | Secret Societies | Animal Welfare | Prisons | The Kali Yuga | World Peace | Technology and the Future of the Earth | Fountain International | Public Domain | Utopia, by Thomas More

Living Space/Environmental

Ban Ironing! | Hairy Houses | Motivational Posters | Ticking Clocks | Cobbled Streets and Health | The Command Position: Beds | Artificial Calendars | Related | Gemstones and Public Buildings | External Links | Living Space Links | Feng Shui Links | Vastu Shastra Links

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