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    What is Your Favorite Comedy Movie?

    Ace Ventura Pet Detective with Jim Carrey. Super high energy and fun movie with the legendary Jim Carrey
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    Enjoying a Band called Khruangbin Recently...

    great guitar and look, very unique sound, I like:cool:🎵🎶
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    Silver as an Investment

    Silver is a finite resource. If people keep using it and storing it then surely the price will reliably keep going up over time? What are the downsides with investing in silver?
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    What is the oldest alphabet?

    I don't, just mean alphabet letters as phonic symbols but also each having a conceptual meaning.
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    What is the oldest alphabet?

    Sanskrit, Hebrew or what? Maybe the figures of the I Ching could be considered an alphabet but the knowledge has been lost.
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    Moon Mysteries

    I have always thought it amazing how the sun and moon line up so perfectly. Just seems to be more than coincidence.
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    Do you have a Favourite Number?

    I like number 5 which center of the magic square and the magic hexagon :)
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    Psychic Self Defence by Dion Fortune

    Dion Fortune is one of the greats. Thanks for the PDF
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    An Atlantean Diagram?

    Pretty amazing stuff! 😮