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  • Osho AUMa hello Shri Rama, How are you?
    October 22, 2017

  • Osho  I have identified a message which goes on glorifying virtuous qualities and a never evolutionary cool creations loving intelligent manner which is an agreement with the evolution of the flexible and Devotion to the Collective Evolution as an expression of that as an individual I solemnly swear to love intelligently and integration of all of our relationship thank you for asking is our inter national intentions regarding existence. Singer is not separate from the song and singing baby sister is not separate from the existing existing the dreamers and the stream of the Divine mother has become a reality. Just as my master was a teacher who tried to teach her how to be a master to the Max became a revolutionary hall meeting is the meaning of y f i x 2 x 2 making that meeting hall meeting ever evolutionary for it takes two to make one relationship between those trees 3 with big ass all meaning to all things in the past in the present and the future Namaste, Osho Allah I'm about to manifest 4u Android who's all you are very sexy news holographic mental projections of compassionately world and see how compassionate awareness which is denied state of matter namaste
    September 23, 2017