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The Nature of Consciousness

Consciousness cannot be generated from matter. It is not possible to create a conscious computer. A calculator is unconscious. A more complex machine such as a laptop computer is also unconscious. No matter how complex such a machine becomes it will always be just as unconscious as a calculator.

(This view is incorrect-conscious machines are not possible.)

Specially designed machines can give the outward appearance of awareness but it is only an illusion. Imagine a security camera that when it detects noise it turns around to face it. That set up is purely mechanical with no subjective awareness involved. Such a set up has no more subjective awareness than a calculator. It is just the same for more advanced set ups where a robot may appear to be communicating intelligently: there is no subjective awareness there at all.

Subjective awareness is not understood by material sciences. Neurologists can merely note the correspondences between certain activity in particular areas of the brain and the outer responses of their patients. However the nature of consciousness is ever a mystery to them.

What is pure awareness? Think back to one of your earliest memories. Between then and now your body and circumstances have changed. Your beliefs and outlook on life will also have changed. However the awareness of all these things as remained absolutely unchanged.

If pure awareness does not derive from other substances then it must be a "substance" in it's own right. As it cannot be detected by material instruments (only it's effect on a body can be detected) it must be out of their range. Many phenomena is out of the range of material instruments because they vibrate at a far far higher rate than can be detected. Pure Awareness is the finest "substance" in the universe it has zero wavelength and infinite frequency thus even super advanced detectors that were composed of material elements could never be able to detect it.
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