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  1. James

    Language What is the World's Oldest Language?

    What is the world's oldest language?
  2. James

    Virtues A Critique of "Inner Medicine" by Craig S Wright

    Professional copywriter Craig S Wright has kindly critiqued my book about the virtues: "Inner Medicine" here: A Critique of "Inner Medicine" by Craig S Wright which I will use to help improve future versions.
  3. James

    Life Changing Books

    A book which changed my life was The Inner Guide Meditation by Edwin C. Steinbrecher I remember when fairly young I was in a book shop and felt drawn to this book as if some inner knowing or guidance wanted me to read it. It really opened my eyes to the power of healing, the structure of the...
  4. James

    Philosophy Religion Samkhya and Buddhism

    Does anyone have any information on the relation between Samkhya and Buddhism? As I understand it Samkhya (also known as Sankhya) is the oldest of the 6 schools of Hindu philosophy. It is dualistic believing in Purusha (consciousness) and Prakriti (matter). These 2 are co-eternal. Every being...
  5. James

    Movies & TV Top 3 Favorite Sword n Sorcery Movies from the 80s?

    What are your top 3 Favorite Sword and sorcery movies from the eighties? I will come back to this. I just watched Excalibur (1981) A dark and atmospheric movie. Merlin was an interesting character. Very emotional scenes with King Arthur, Queen Guinevere and Sir Lancelot. Overall it was a great...
  6. James

    Best Practice for Advertising for Free in this Community

    I am still tidying things up but have just written this short best practice article: https://www.virtuescience.com/best-practice.html It is only really some suggestions to get the best out of the platform. My aim for the community is a place where people can have some great discussions but...
  7. James

    Religion Great Religions: Jainism

    I think that Jainism is one of the greatest religions. This is for a number of reason. One is it's emphasis on non-harming. As it should this includes animals. So Jainism is one of the biggest positive forces in the world for animal rights and vegetarianism. Jainism also teaches reincarnation...
  8. James

    Psychic Self Defence by Dion Fortune

    Preface "IT is with a sense of the seriousness of the issues involved that I set myself to the task of writing a book on psychic attack and the best methods of defence against it. The undertaking is beset with pitfalls. It is hardly possible to give practical information on the methods of...
  9. James

    My Shamanism and Magick Section

    A range of my original articles related to Shamanism, cyber-shamanism, psychic defence and more: https://www.virtuescience.com/shamanism-and-magick.html Another section that needs work :oops: What do you think?
  10. James

    Conceptual Science Articles at VirtueScience.com

    Here is my deeper look at language and concepts: https://www.virtuescience.com/conceptualscience.html Quite a few interesting articles and research projects. What is your understanding of this diagram?
  11. James

    Science My Science Articles

    Here is the link for the Science Section at VirtueScience.com: https://www.virtuescience.com/science.html any views on my Gravity Theory?
  12. James

    Health My Health & Fitness Articles

    https://www.virtuescience.com/physical-body.html Above is the link to my physical health articles for those interested in my views :) Do you have any health secrets that you would like to share?
  13. James

    Mathematics The Database of Number Correlations

    This is the largest section(over 2000 pages) of my site and a great resource for Number researchers https://www.virtuescience.com/number.html Apart from many great articles the number database has information on a large selection of numbers. Can you add some facts to the database??
  14. James

    Esoteric The Esoteric Section at VirtueScience.com

    There are some very interesting and unique esoteric diagrams and discoveries here: https://www.virtuescience.com/esoteric.html Do you have similar interests? Share your diagrams if you like.
  15. James

    My Spiritual Articles

    Here are some interesting spiritual articles along with my Database of Guides Gurus and Godbeings: https://www.virtuescience.com/spiritual-development.html Both need updating! Please feel free to offer some suggestions :) Above is a picture of Sri Ramana, a genuinely realized being
  16. James

    Virtues My Character and the Virtues Section

    Here I focus on character and the virtues: https://www.virtuescience.com/character.html Questions and comments welcome. My most popular page is the clickable list of the virtues: https://www.virtuescience.com/virtuelist.html Would you add any virtues to the list?
  17. James

    Society My Healing Society Articles

    Lets help heal and uplift society and humanity as a whole: https://www.virtuescience.com/healing-society.html Suggestions welcome
  18. James

    My Living Space Articles

    I hope that my Living Space / Environmental articles will inspire you and help to challenge some of your pre-conceptions: https://www.virtuescience.com/living-space.html Which article is the most useful/inspiring?
  19. James

    Wealth My Financial Freedom Articles

    https://www.virtuescience.com/financial-freedom.html There are a few articles and useful resources in this Section but it needs work. Any ideas for improvement??
  20. James

    Mysteries My Unexplained Mysteries Articles

    You may be interested in my Mysteries of the World Section: https://www.virtuescience.com/mystery.html Which is your favourite article? Please share any suggestions for future articles :)