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  1. FortuneSmiles

    Life Changing Books

    Thanks for the pointer, I have ordered a copy. I recommend Return to the Source by Osho. Some say he has a bad reputation but there is definitely wisdom in that book where he discusses Zen stories deeply
  2. FortuneSmiles

    Peripheral view

    I have not heard of this before. Can you share more details? Have you had any other unusual experiences?
  3. FortuneSmiles

    Do you have any hobbies or sports that you would like to share?

    Fellow truth seeker here, although I am not sure I would call it a hobby, it a very central and sacred part of my life. As for hobbies I used to do a lot of archery but I have not done it for several years now. Current hobbies? Well I do enjoy gardening, it is a real pleasure and seems to bring...
  4. FortuneSmiles

    Science Is time travel possible?

    I have always been fascinated by the idea and possibility of time travel. This may have been sparked initially by Dr Who and then movies such as the Back to the Future series. Before we consider the question of time travel we must first ask what exactly is time? Some say it is simply an...