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My Spiritual Biography

by James Barton

I feel that I have discovered some rare secrets regarding Reality and have a unique and valuable insight into the problems of this world. Therefore the desire came to me to set down a record of the beginnings of VirtueScience.

When I was young I was a sensitive child and did not fit in naturally well with those around me. I had a feeling that I was in some way being "poisoned" by those around me. I experienced the common childish fears of abandonment and rejection.

I remember being able to see quite vividly a myriad of cartoon like images and imaginations all in a jumble like a kind of collage projected onto my bedroom ceiling. My brother could also see similar images. Maybe this is not that unusual but is something that I cannot do now and I have not heard of others speaking of ever experiencing a similar phenomena.

At around the age of 13 I began to study various aspects of the occult and sorcery in order to protect myself and to gain an edge in insecure situations.

Even at that age I had a somewhat scientific approach towards these esoteric subjects and I remember trying to formulate and discover deeper and more powerful secrets than the occult authors were prepared to reveal or even knew about themselves.

My childhood was a mixture of good and bad experiences like any childhood. One dark night however in a period of deep unhappiness I called out to the Universe and asked to become a Light to the world. By which I meant a healer, a teacher and a liberator etc. That was my declared wish. Moments later as I was contemplating this my wish grew grander and more universal: I wished to become such a Light to the whole universe-to all the material and higher spiritual realms. I cannot remember if my declaration brought much peace that night but over the years I feel that it has guided and shaped my life more and more.

I remember looking into the mirror at my reflection, at my eyes or the place between them, until my vision went out of focus. Each time I did this my reflection changed (in my imagination) to resemble a kind of crystalline entity. The entity seemed alien and not merely physical but of a higher dimension. I could not perceive any particular benevolence or malevonance from the entity in the few seconds of observing it. It seemed tranquil and perhaps was observing me with a kind of non-urgent curiosity. I feel now that the being or beings may be benovelent guides and/or companions from before this present incarnation. Or perhaps they are highly evolved beings who observe unusual consciousnesses from within the mass of humanity.

During the years when I was at high school I remember reading Supernature by Lyal Watson. It mentioned that some meditation masters adopted a vegetarian lifestyle in order to facilitate meditation and that a vegetarian diet reduces the acidiy in the blood and so is conducive to inner tranquility etc. I vowed then to become a vegetarian and I have never knowingly chosen to eat meat again. Compassion for animals and the benefits of a vegetarian diet became a subject of deep study for me and I have since found many good reasons for all to adopt such a diet. I feel it is ok to speak up for animal rights and promote vegetarianism because the animals cannot speak out for themselves.

During my youth I read many spiritual etc books and I would meditate and pray in various ways in order to heal my emotional wounds, gain power and awaken and so on.

One summer day I was meditating alone near the pond in my family home. I was contemplating perfect innocence and perfect responsibility. My inner revelations regarding this led me to the studies of virtues and vices and how each virtue has a complimentary partner. From this study I wrote my book "Inner Medicine".

I had long planned to eventually refrain totally from alcohol at some point in my life as an aid to enlightenment/self mastery. This was accelerated in mid 2007 when I made a vow to completely refrain from alcohol for this incarnation. I have quite easily been able to keep this vow to the considerable surprise of some people as I had been an "enthusiastic" social drinker for many years. However unknown to them my meditational techniques and inner preparation made it almost effortless to give up the long term habit.

I continue to research many practical as well as arcane esoteric subjects and will post my conclusions on this site so check back!

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