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Healing Rugby Town

Fountain-International.org (site down?) presents a simple way to help heal and uplift your local area.

If you have a genuine desire to do something positive to improve conditions in the Rugby Town community then make a commitment to do the following:

Choose a focal point within the local area. For example a clock tower, prominent tree, village cross, church spire, memorial or other well known landmark.

Focal Point (For people from Rugby Town I suggest using the Clock Tower as the focal point-although of course feel free to select different or additional focal points).

Spend 2 or 3 minutes focusing on the chosen focal point. Quieten the mind then simply visualise the focal point radiating healing Light, Life and Love throughout the community.

This can be done on your own wherever you are. Also consider meeting up with like minded friends. Focusing together may strenghthen the beneficial effects.

Remember that perhaps unknown to you many other people may also be using the same focal point to help heal and uplift the community. Let this inspire you and wish them well.

Rugby Town Focal Point
People living in Rugby are suggested to use the Clock Tower as a primary Focal Point. May other people who view this page also bless this focal point to increase the reservoir of positive energy and positive effects.


Matter has memory. That is, objects and places pick up the psychic atmosphere generated near them. Places such as slaughter houses, prisons and places of torture are like dark energy batteries, having a negative influence on those who come into contact with them. This is why some believe Sadam's former prisons, where people had been tortured, should not have been re-used because the dark psychic atmosphere may malignly influence future prison guards.

Objects and places that have been blessed and/or are associated with positive events have a beneficial effect on those around them. By unselfishly visualising Light, Life and Love radiating from specific focal points we are in effect creating positive energy generators. These uplift the psychic atmosphere of the local area-Peace and Love actually taking the place of gloom and fear etc.

People will respond to the "good vibrations" by feeling better about themselves and those around them. Like some kind of chain reaction, good deeds, kindness and love will increase.

This technique may be scaled up to world level where people select world famous land marks as focal points. It may also be scaled down to street or home level. It is a great technique which I encourage you to use.

Visit Fountain-International.org (site down?) for more information.

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