A Philosophy for Truth Seekers

The Global Mind

Imagine every human on this planet including yourself combined as one personality, one mind. What would the current state of this Global Mind be? If you are a psychic cell in this global mind then by healing and uplifting your self you are, to some extent, healing and uplifting the whole. If you renounce bad habits and vices within yourself then you are helping rid them from the mind of humanity.

You have an inner source of wisdom, a quite voice which does not impose itself or demand of you. In just the same way humanity as a whole has quite guides who are virtually unimagined by the current populace. There is a direct correlation between inner and outer. Just as there is an outer politics, there is an inner politics. Just as there are outer laws there are also inner laws.

The Outer World Reflects the Inner World

In imperfect societies people, voices and ideas are repressed in various ways. With torture, imprisonment and death the rulers subdue those that they consider undesirable. Their voices are ignored, their books are burnt. They are threatened. Lies are told about their past, their motives and their actions.

You are a society. Unless you are a fully enlightened being you are like an unwise ruler repressing and mistreating his people. Each and every opinion and archetype finds it's reflection in you. Are you repressing and starving parts of your own nature? If so it might be easier than you think to become aware of it and to nourish those parts that need nourishing, to listen to those parts of yourself that you have been ignoring. Have the intent now to heal and nourish all parts of your being. This will allow harmony and balance to prevail within your inner world.

By seeing psychology and sociology as 2 sides of the same coin and by contemplating the parallels between them we may aid our own personal spiritual revolution. We will also learn how to best improve society. By uniting our understanding of inner and outer things our understanding of both will expand significantly.

Are there parts of your own nature that greedily use up more of your resources then should be naturally allocated to them? Do parts of your personality rule you by fear? Are there mistreated inner aspects of yourself that act as virtual "terorists" that sabortage from within your chances of happiness and success? Each of the systems of government and methods of organising a society in the world are also reflected within your own nature.

Societies may change by slow evolution or fast revolution for better or worse. It is the same with your own character. You are like a country with your own government and your own defence. To some extent you define yourself by your history just as nationalities do and your relationships with other people are like relationships between countries. Seeing outer modes of reality as reflections of your inner state helps you comprehend reality. Who are you? Have you been embodying particular traits just because you identify yourself with particular cultures that are associated with those traits? Are you limiting yourself because of inapropriate identification with imperfect outer labels? Are you using your culture, race, starsign or other categories as excuses to carry on with unhealthy habits or unvirtueous behaviour? If you want to bring harmony to the world first give up these excuses.

Imagine every human on this planet including yourself combined as one personality, one mind. What would the current state of this Global Mind be?
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